Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy


Secret Service re-enactment film

5:00: Recreation of Oswald’s position at the window

JFK Conspiracy 1-SS recreation

Hughes film

6:40 to 6:45: Blow-ups

JFK Conspiracy 27-Hughes

JFK Conspiracy 24-Hughes

JFK Conspiracy 20-Hughes

JFK Conspiracy 17-Hughes

Hughes film

Hughes film

Willis photos

6:49 to 6:52: Great copies of 2 Willis photos

Secret Service film

6:56: Re-enactment of Oswald’s view at Z-313. Shows a post that could have been hit by a bullet

7:01 to 7:04: Officer Gerald Hill looking up the Depository. The man with glasses behind is possibly DPD photographer Studebaker.


Unknown film

JFK Conspiracy 36

Alyea film
8:06 to 8:34: Alyea film

8:06: Reporter Kent Biffle and a man follow cops in the Depository.

Alyea film
Alyea film

8:10: Investigators and Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman on the right, looking out a window.

Alyea film
Alyea film

8:13: Several investigators on the 6th floor

JFK Conspiracy 53-Alyea
Alyea film

Alyea film
Alyea film

8:21: Carl Day picking up rifle, and Captain Fritz next to him
8:31: Carl Day trying to find prints on rifle

8:34 to 9:31: Discussion on Carcano rifles
9:28 to 9:36: Several photos showing behind the boxes where shooter hid
9:36 to 13:27: The documentary re-enacts the shots with a sharpshooter

Babushka Lady

11:28: The Babushka Lady in the Zapruder film (very good quality)

JFK Conspiracy 72-Babushka Lady
Zapruder film

Zapruder film
Zapruder film

11:29 to 11:32: KRLD cameraman Jim Darnell on the left in the Couch film

Couch/WFAA film
Couch/WFAA film

Towner film

13:32: Front of the Depository

Hughes film

13:33: View of Houston. Depository not visible.

Nix film

13:35: A second before the headshot

Hughes film

13:38-13:41: People running away from Dealey Plaza. Others rushing to grassy knoll.


13:43 to 13:51: Parkland in color (Atkins film)

Dealey Plaza

14:20-14:31: Dealey Plaza scenes (outside and inside the Depository)

Alyea film

14:24: Report Kent Biffle with cops (Same sequence as 8:06)

14:25: Two investigators with handguns in the Depository. Same as the ones looking out a window. See above. Center: Deputy Chief of Police Lumpkin. Right: Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman.

JFK Conspiracy 111-Alyea-Weitzman
Alyea/WFAA film

Alyea/WFAA film
Alyea/WFAA film

14:28 to 14:31: Cops and investigators on 6th floor. Carl Day and Fritz examining rifle.
14:37 to 14:43: Scenes on the 6th floor

14:41 to 14:43: Two detectives at the sniper’s window. One seems to be holding something and showing it to Captain William Fritz.

JFK Conspiracy 138-Alyea-Fritz on right
Alyea/WFAA film

Alyea/WFAA films
Alyea/WFAA film

Secret Service film. Re-enactment on 6th floor

14:44: Street post in the way of the shooter, just above JFK’s head

14:58: What a shooter would see from the window

JFK Conspiracy 157-Re-enactment

20:03: Shows an SS agent placing rifle between boxes like Oswald did

JFK Conspiracy 160-SS re-enactment JFK Conspiracy 163-SS re-enactment

Hughes film

20:01 to 20:07: 6th floor window blow-up

Nix film

20:21 to 20:24: People rushing to the grassy knoll

Hughes film

20:24 to 20:27: People rushing to the grassy knoll

Daniel film

20:27 to 20:31

Hughes film

20:33 to 20:41: Scenes in front of Depository

20:34: Lovelady on the steps of Depository

20:41 to 21:11: Documentary continues its re-enactment.

Couch film

21:11 to 21:21: Couch film. Partial version. Officer Baker rushing to the Depository.

Officers Marrion Baker and Joe M. Smith running opposite directions. Couch/WFAA.
Officers Marrion Baker and Joe M. Smith running opposite directions. Couch/WFAA.

Looks like a citizen arrest was made on a Black man. People are walking down the grassy knoll.

JFK Conspiracy 234-Couch
Couch/WFAA film

Couch/WFAA film
Couch/WFAA film

21:21: Sewer shot spot

JFK Conspiracy 249-Couch
Couch/WFAA film

Couch/WFAA film
Couch/WFAA film

Cooper film

24:23 to 24:32: Dealey Plaza scenes

24:25: Photographer William Allen in white shirt

24:30: KRLD cameramen Steve Pieringer and Jim Underwood on the right.

Cooper film
Cooper film

Scene in front of the Depository

Cooper film
KRLD (previously mislabeled as Cooper film)

Nix film

24:33 to 24:40: Same portion already shown earlier

24:40 to 24:48: Dealey Plaza scene films resume

24:46: DPD three-wheel motorcycle and people gathered around it. Jim Underwood is joining in. (Cooper film)

Documentary re-enactment

24:48: Documentary re-enacts Oswald’s movements in the Depository after the shots. It also shows the different films taken outside while Oswald’s movements are re-enacted. 

Dealey Plaza

32:31 to 32:38: Dealey Plaza scenes resume

JFK Conspiracy 272
Cooper film.

Cooper film
KRLD (previously mislabeled as Cooper film)


32:38 to 32:45: Tippit murder scene photos

Dealey Plaza

32:45 to 32:51: Dealey Plaza scenes


32:52: House where Oswald lived
33:01: Landlord Ms. Roberts
33:14: Cops interrogate people around a car parked behind Tippit’s car / Officer Barnes arrives
33:21: Cop running toward Tippit’s car
33:25: Officer Barnes searches for prints on Tippit’s car

33:28: A wallet found

WFAA film
WFAA film

33:03 to 40:29: Reconstruction of Oswald’s movements after the assassination

40:26: Cops interrogate people around the car behind Tippit’s car / Officer Barnes arrives

40:29 to 40:33: Tippit murder scene. Witness Ms. Markham

JFK Conspiracy 310-Markham
WFAA film

JFK Conspiracy 313-Markham
WFAA film

WFAA film
WFAA film


The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

The Case for Conspiracy


3:08: Films from Love Field to Dealey Plaza.

10:08 to 10:11: Darnell film. People cross street. Underpass seen in the background

Case For Conspiracy-7-Darnell
Darnell/WBAP film

10:09: Bell film. People running up the grassy knoll. KRLD reporter Jim Underwood at 10:10 on top left.

10:30 to 10:32: Darnell film: People run to bridge where a patrolman is located.

Case For Conspiracy-13, Darnell
Darnell/WBAP film

KRLD Underwood film of people rushing up the grassy knoll

Case For Conspiracy-10-Underwood
Underwood/WBAP film

10:44 to 10:49: WFAA L’Hoste film from top of grassy knoll in the direction of Elm Street. Other B&W films of the cars heading to Parkland.

On the way to Parkland

 10:58 to 11:25: Films and photos before the arrival to Parkland
11:08 to 11:20: Possibly the lead car on the highway rushing to Parkland
12:05 to 12:25: WFAA footage on the way to Parkland


12:25 to 12:41: Parkland in color (Atkins).
12:28: Wiegman (black hat) seen filming
12:41 to 12:47: B&W footage of priests
12:46 to 14:08: Malcom Kilduff, President’s press secretary announces JFK’s death at Parkland

13:07: 3 reporters are taking notes.

DCA film

14:09 to 14:20: In parking lot behind the grassy knoll

14:09 to 14:12: Roger Craig and Eddy Walthers

DCA film
DCA film

14:12: WBAP cameraman Jim Darnell filming

DCA film
DCA film

14:15: Unidentified man between cars with camera?

DCA film
DCA film

14:20 to 14:23: Color footage of the Depository. Unknown if taken on November 22 or 23 and by who.

Case For Conspiracy-102

Paschall film

14:23 to 14:27: Paschall film shows underpass.

Paschall film
Paschall film

Nix film

14:32 to 14:39: Head shot

WFAA film

14:50 to 14:56: Officer Gerald Hill and reporter Jim Ewell arrive in Dealey Plaza
14:59: CBS cameraman Steve Perringer with a camera in left hand


15:00 to 15:01: Buddy Walthers with H.H. Davis, Chief Investigator for the District Attorney Office. He also assisted with Florer’s arrest (See The Story Behind the Story, 1:12:07)

Case For Conspiracy-117-Walthers
KRLD film

KLRD film
KRLD film

Tina Towner

15:06 to 15:08: Grassy knoll.

Towner film
Towner film

DCA film

15:08 to 15:12: Charles Brehm interviewed before he is led away by a policeman

DCA film
DCA film

15:12 to 15:18: Crowd in front of the Depository

15:16: Phil Willis on the left. The cameraman on the right is Don Cook of KTVT.

DCA film
DCA film

Seems to be Willis in the middle-right in this film, and the above cameraman on the left.

Case For Conspiracy-192

Various films

15:18 to 15:22: Depository employees put in a police car (See 13:07)

15:22 to 15:28: People are let in the Depository (B&W). 15:27:  The man in white hat and carrying his raincoat on his left shoulder is possibly the same man as film by Darnell in the parking lot.

15:28 to 15:34: Bell film of the Depository from a building later in the afternoon

15:34: Focus on cops with guns looking up the Depository (B&W).
15:34: Press photographer William Allen

15:37 to 15:42: Unknown camerawoman. She could be the woman in blue in the Dorman film.

Case For Conspiracy-186-Unknown camerawoman
Unknown film

DCA film
Unknown film

15:42 to 16:02: Firemen getting into the Depository

Case For Conspiracy-192

Case For Conspiracy-194


15:47 to 15:55: Charles Brehm led away by police

DCA film
Martin/DCA film

15:55 to 16:02: DCA film shows fire truck and the KRLD car

DCA film
Mentesana/DCA film

16:12: Hughes film of the Depository

16:04 to 16:09: Hughes film blow-up of the sniper’s window

Case For Conspiracy-209-Hughes
Hughes film

Hughes film
Hughes film

16:09 to 16:46: Powell photo, blow-up and Groden’s analysis

Alyea film

16:47 to 17:43: Alyea film on 6th floor. Very poor quality, but some parts have rarely been published. These are from 17:28 to 17:32.

16:47: A deputy sheriff is looking out a window. EDIT: Unknown if this is on the 6th or 5th floor.

Case For Conspiracy-219-Alyea film
Alyea film

Alyea film
Alyea film

16:52: Several deputy sheriffs on top of a pile of boxes

17:02: Deputy Sheriff Bill Wiseman tries to pull out something from between boxes

Alyea film
Alyea film

17:09: An investigator with something between his two fingers. Then seen stepping down

17:18: A man (probably Roy Truly) runs his fingers on the windows

Case For Conspiracy-254-Alyea film
Alyea film

Alyea film
Alyea film

17:22: DPD photographer Studebaker takes pictures from the top of boxes, probably of where the rifle is/was

17:24: Carl Day removes a rifle between boxes. Several investigators are looking at the rifle.

17:31 to 17:42: Carl Day takes the rifle and looks at it. He shows it to Fritz.

17:42: End of the Alyea film

17:43 to 17:47: DCA color film: Witness Amos Euins on a 3-wheeler ridden by D.V. Harkness.

DCA film
Martin/DCA film

17:47 to 18:01: Various films and photos taken in Dealey Plaza

Unknown film (B&W).

18:01 to 18:01: B&W footage focusing on Depository

Case For Conspiracy-278

Couch film

Marrion Baker going into Depository

Case For Conspiracy-284-Baker

Bell film

18:06 to 18:23: Camera pans from the bridge to grassy knoll
18:23 to 18:36: People on grassy knoll

Various photos in Dealey Plaza

From 18:36: Discussion of various photos taken in Dealey Plaza. Lots of medical
discussion in the middle

1:13:58: Silent clip showing Dr. Humes testifying to the HSCA

Case For Conspiracy-296-Dr Humes at HSCA

Black Dog Man

1:27:15 to 1:33:45: Black Dog Man discussion

Nix film
Moorman photo

1:32:32: Among the first people at the top of the grassy knoll

Case For Conspiracy-302-Towner

Case For Conspiracy-305

Case For Conspiracy-308

Case For Conspiracy-311

Case For Conspiracy-314


1:33:17: Man hiding in Nix film?

Nix film
Nix film

1:33:26: Black Dog Man in Willis

Case For Conspiracy-321-Black Dog Man in Willis photo

Case For Conspiracy-324-Black Dog Man in Willis photo


Willis photo
Willis photo

1:33:30: Black Dog Man in Betzner

Case For Conspiracy-331-Black Dog Man in Betzner photo

Betzner photo
Betzner photo

HSCA re-enactment on the 6th floor

1:33:49 and 1:34:51: Rifleman in window for HSCA

Case For Conspiracy-337

Moorman photo

1:36:05: Rifleman behind the fence in Moorman

Moorman photo
Moorman photo

Case For Conspiracy-347-Moorman
Moorman photo

1:37:09: Badgeman, Groden says in the video that Badgeman was discovered by Jimmy Carter’s sister-in-law in 1978 when he showed her the Moorman photo.


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America


The Assassination Films


Robert Groden’s film collections

1:00 to 15:03: Zapruder film 

Nix film: 15:03 to 17:09

The Assassination Film-10-Nix film-Soldier, maybe

Soldier. Possibly the same seen in the Cooper film.

17:09 to 19:18: Muchmore film

A man pointing his umbrella. Possibly the Babushka Lady to his left. She is seen from the back.

The Assassination Film-55-Muchmore film-Umbrella Man 1-Arrow points to UM

17:42: Muchmore’s camera shakes and a car door opens… It’s the Vice-President’s car.

The Assassination Film-94-Muchmore film

Bell film 19:18 to 22:25

19:53: Milteer in crowd (in yellow).

The Assassination Film-130-Milteer 1-Bell film

19:55: Bell stops filming and re-positions himself on Elm Street
19:56: Resumes filming on Elm Street
19:56: Brennan sitting on the wall

20:00: Bell stops filming

20:01: Bell resumes filming. View of the overpass to all the way to the right of the structure on which Zapruder was sitting. Zapruder is seen leaving. Shows movement on both sides of Elm Street

20:12: Zapruder is walking away

20:23: Couch seen filming from car

20:26: The Babushka Lady, Jean Hill and Mary Moorman. Brehm and his son on the ground.

The Assassination Film-172-Bell film

20:29: Hill (red coat) and the Babushka Lady rushing to the top of grassy knoll

21:01: Film focuses on the TSBD from a building. Taken several minutes or hours after the shooting.

21:06 to 21:10: Railroad yard area
21:10 to 21:32: View of Houston and Elm from a building across the street
21:32 to 22:18: Replay in slow-motion of some parts of the film

Hughes film: 22:29 to 25:18

22:29 to 23:06: Pre-shooting sequence. Ends with view on the TSBD.
23:07 to 23:23: Crowd movement toward the grassy knoll

23:23 to 23:30: People running away from the scene and to the scene

23:30 to 23:36: Parking lot. Policeman with no hat on the left

The Assassination Film-279-Hughes film-Parking lot
Hughes film

23:36 to 23:43: TSBD from the grassy knoll. Then camera pans to the right. Old Court Building, and then to Elm Street.


The Assassination Film-288-Hughes film The Assassination Film-291-Hughes film

23:43 to 23:46: Back to the parking lot

The Assassination Film-300-Hughes film

23:47: Eastern corner of the TSBD. Films 6th floor.

23:50 to 24:02: TSBD entrance. Lovelady is seen on the steps.

The Assassination Film-306-Hughes film

24:44: Groden’s analysis of the 6th floor window

Towner film:   25:19 to 26:45 (Might be a longer version than the one on Death in Dealey Plaza at 17:33)

Dorman film:   26:45 to 29:14

Martin film:    29:14 to 29:44

29:14 to 29:27: Pre-shooting sequence showing crowd on Houston Street.
29:27 to 29:31: Just before the shots. Stops filming at 29:31.
29:31: Resumes filming. Crowd movements.

29:37: Bob Edwards in white shirt and possibly Ronald Fisher on his right.

The Assassination Film-336-Martin film-Edwards in white

     The Assassination Film-360-Martin film

The man in hat in the middle of the image may be the same as the one in the Dorman film

Mentesana film: 29:47 to 30:12

29:50: Fire truck and KRLD-TV car

30:00: Two officers on the 7th floor, outside, next to a ladder with access to the roof. Civilian or deputy sheriff on the left?

The Assassination Film-387-Mentesana

30:06: Amateur photographer Jay Skaggs on the left taking pictures. The man in suit in the middle may be FBI agent Ray Hall.

The Assassination Film-402-Mentesana-Skaggs on left

30:09: TSBD

Daniel film:    30:12 to 31:34. His two sons in the foreground.

The Assassination Film-417-Daniel film

The Assassination Film-429-Daniel film

Bronson film: from 31:34 to 33:58

31:43: 6 minutes before the shooting / Charles Brehm and son in the middle of the screen / Witness Toni Glover seen on Brehm’s right / A woman looking like The Babushka Lady is seen.

The Assassination Film-441-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-444-Bronson film

31:53: The motorcade approaches

31:57: Motorcade on Houston Street / Is the blue bus one of the Press buses?

The Assassination Film-453-Bronson film

32:02: On Houston Street
32:05: The assassination sequence on Elm Street.

32:08 to 32:15: Pre-shooting sequence. It is showing the sniper’s nest window.

The Assassination Film-465-Bronson film

32:15: Analysis of the film

The Assassination Film-468-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-477-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-480-Bronson film

Wiegman film (Very low-quality copy):  33:58 to 36:40

Couch film: 36:43 to 37:15 (Extremely poor copy):

36:43 to 37:15: Officer Baker rushes to the Depository

Alyea film: 37:18 to 38:29 (Very poor quality, but some parts are rarely published like the one from 37:28 to 37:32)

The Assassination Film-511-Alyea film

37:25: A deputy sheriff looking out a window

The Assassination Film-487-Alyea film

The Assassination Film-490-Alyea film

37:32: Several deputy sheriffs on top of a pile of boxes
37:36: Investigator tries to pull out something from between boxes
37:39: Two investigators on piles of boxes with flashlights
37:43: An investigator with something between his fingers.
37:45: Two investigators searching for clues on top of piles of boxes. One is stepping down
37:47: Investigators at the sniper’s window

37:52: A man runs his fingers on the windows

The Assassination Film-511-Alyea film

37:56: DPD photographer Studebaker takes pictures from the top of boxes, probably of where the rifle was
37:58: Carl Day removes a rifle between boxes. Several investigators are looking at the rifle.

38:07 to 38:21: Carl Day takes rifle and look at it. He shows it to Fritz.

DCA film: 38:29 to. A collection of films taken throughout the motorcade, ending with the Mentesana film

44:46 to 44:49: Sequence not shown in the previous Mentesana film. This one is taken from the South side of Elm Street. Shows the TSBD.
45:18: Roger Craig and Eddie Walthers in the parking lot
45:23: Amateur photographer Jay Skaggs on the left taking pictures

45:27: Man reading a notepad? Or camera?


45:29: Jim Underwood on the right
45:37: Witness Euins on the back of a police 3-wheeler
45:45: Lovelady
45:52: Charles Brehm
46:03: Zapruder look-alike
46:04: Crowd on the corner of Elm Street and Houston
46:12: CBS cameraman Steve Pieringer on the left
46:18: Camera has panned from Houston to the front of the TSBD
46:20: Phil Willis with his camera
46:26: Jim Underwood on the right / A man is seen in front of the TSBD in the Wiegman film
46:32: CBS cameraman Steve Perringer on the left
46:35: Photographer William Allen
46:37: Fire truck
46:53: Officers on the 7th floor. The one on the left seems to be in plainclothes.
46:59: Officers gathered on the street. A rifle is seen.

47:02: FBI agent Ray Hall / Jay Skaggs on the left is taking pictures.

47:14: The Last Two Days (documentary using Thomas Atkins’ footage)


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

The Lost Tapes


13:35 to 13:45: Powers film (color)
13:45 to 14:13: DCA films of motorcade, pre-shooting scenes
14:13 to 14:17: Powers film
14:17 through 14:31 : Hughes film (Pepsi sign)
14:31: Nix film
14:36: Hughes film
14:49 to 14:54: Towner film
14:55: Bell film
15:02 to 15:09: Martin film
15:17 to 15:28: Nix film
15:28 to 15:37: Daniel film
15:49 to 15:56: Nix film
15:56 to 16:04: Bell film

16:04 to 16:13: Hughes film

16:07: Nix Orville filming the grassy knoll in the Hughes film

Hughes film
Hughes film

16:13 to 16:28: Couch film / Officer Baker running toward the TSBD

16:28 to 16:40: Hughes film
18:17 to 18:36: Interview with ambulance driver Aubrey Rike
24:44 to 25:09: Several B&W shots of the TSBD. Date or time unknown
25:09 to 25:19: WFAA interview with witness Bob Edwards in front of the TSBD (See The Story Behind the Story).
25:19: Officer Gerald Hill arrives in Dealey Plaza. Gets off car. Reporter Jim Ewell also gets off.

25:25 to 25:46: B&W footage in Dealey Plaza. KRLD cameraman Jim Underwood is seen

25:30: William Allen is seen in white shirt on the right


25:31: WFAA cameraman A.J. L’Hoste on the right


25:33: Fire truck

25:46: Alyea film: View of the street from the 6th floor

25:50: Boy with a camera (Cooper film). He is seen again at 25:53 below.

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:52: Soldier on the top-right

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:53: Possibly James Worrell in white, and a boy with a camera on the right

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:55: Craig with possibly deputy sheriffs down the screen

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:57: Fritz arrives in Dealey Plaza from Parkland with Detective Elmer Boyd. Both have rifles.


26:01 to 26:26: Alyea film 

26:01: Man on the top-right may be the same one in the Alyea film taken in the elevator


For comparison, another film seems to show the same man in the Owens/WBAP film

Man in elevator, maybe 3 STCA 54
Alyea or Owens film

26:03: Officer on the first or second floor. Possibly the same seen later in the Homicide Bureau office. (See 3 Shots that Changed America at 55:05)

TLT 31

26:07: Possibly Roger Craig searching on top of boxes

Alyea film
Alyea film

26:23: From left to right: Patrolman Marrion Baker, Roy Truly, and maybe O.V. Campbell

Alyea film
Alyea film

26:26: B&W films in Dealey Plaza

26:31: Car with something written on it. A man with a hat leaning on a car looks like a cab driver.

TLT 46
Cooper film

26:40: Fritz seen from the back walking in the direction of the TSBD

26:50: Cooper film: Women on the sidewalk asked by Officer Harkness, to move on

TLT 49
Cooper film

26:52: Virgie Rackley who is also seen in the image above, is also seen in the Wiegman film in front of the TSBD. In the Alyea film, she is interviewed by Dallas Morning News reporter Kent Biffle (See Breaking the News at 32:09)

26:57: TSBD employees escorted to a police car

27:14 to 27:17: Alyea film shows Brehm, Brennan and Euins escorted by the police. Could be A.J. L’Hoste on the bottom-right.

TLT 52

27:17 to 27:23: Alyea film shows Bob Edwards escorted by a jailer. This
scene corresponds to one of the Allen photos.

Alyea film
Alyea film

27:23 to 27:25: Witness Rowland and his wife are escorted by officers

TLT 61

27:25: Brehm, Brennan, Eddie Walthers or Dallas SS Chief Forrest Sorrels.

TLT 64, Craig maybe

TLT 64

TLT 67

27:29 to 27:42: Captain Sawyer interviewed by WFAA reporter Bill Lord in front of the TSBD
27:43: View of the TSBD
27:46: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford entering the TSBD through a window on the second floor
27:49 to 28:01: Alyea film
28:01 to 28:14: Captain Sawyer interview continues

28:14 to 28:44: Alyea film
28:14: Carl Day with rifle

28:47 to 28:58: Carl Day with rifle outside the TSBD. FBI agent Ray Hall on his right

Cooper film
Cooper film

29:31 to 29:45: Alyea film taken from the 6th floor of TSBD

29:45 to 29:50: Alyea film shows deputy sheriffs looking out the sniper’s window

34:21: Sequences in Dealey Plaza

TLT 73
Alyea/WFAA film

34:23: Man on the right may be the same who confronted Larry Florer (see 35:19)

TLT 76

34:28 to 34:39: Cooper film: 3-wheeler and Jim Underwood

34:30: Scene in the parking lot

TLT 79
Cooper film

34:35: Policemen in front of the TSBD

WFAA studios

34:40 to 35:07: Back in the WFAA studios
34:45: Report of a man arrested in Fort Worth (WBAP)

34:38 to 35:00: Donald Wayne House under arrest (WBAP)

35:07: Larry Florer under arrest. The man who is pointed at by Florer may be the same as the one at 34:23

TLT 82
Cooper film

TLT 85
Cooper film

35:23 to 35:26: People gathering on the West side of the TSBD
35:26 to 35:39: Larry Florer escorted by the police
35:39 to 38:00: Back in the WFAA studios: Tippit murder scene

38:00 to 39:54: Trade Mart

39:54 to 42:57: Oswald has been arrested.
41:19: Lovelady and Oswald in the DPD offices
42:30: Profile of Oswald is given by the press


42:57 to 46:55: Parkland

43:07 to 43:49: Interview with ambulance driver Aubrey Rike

46:18: Interview with Ms. Quincy Adams at Parkland holding a camera.

WFAA film

News reports

46:55: Speculations on President Johnson’s whereabouts. Scenes at Parkland and Dallas Airport
50:08 to 50:25: Back to the WFAA studios
50:25 to 51:00: Air Force One is leaving Dallas
51:00 to 52:04: Back to the WFAA studio with Zapruder
52:04 to 52:35: Downtown Dallas at around 4 PM. The mood in Dallas is described
52:35 to 52:47: Back in the WFAA studios.

52:47 to 53:39: Audio of conversations in Air Force One. Johnson talking to Rose Kennedy

52:39 to 53:52: Back to WFAA. Nothing of interest
53:52 to 55:15: News film showing Air Force One at Andrew Base

Police station

55:15 to 55:43: At the Dallas Police offices, Oswald is escorted through the corridor
55:43: Police station
56:06 to 56:36: Curry gives interview (“We placed the man in the window at the time of the shooting”)
56:36: Discussion on Oswald
56:43: Wade discusses Oswald
57:00 to 58:08: Back to WFAA. Oswald’s Friday night press conference

58:08 to 59:19: White House on November 23

59:19: Dallas, November 23. Back to WFAA
59:41: Unknown Asian reporter who is often seen with a camera and a microphone. He was in the police basement when Ruby was shot. His photos have never been published, it seems. 

Japanese newsman seen in front of Ruby later on 4

1:00:05: Brehm in Dealey Plaza on Nov 23
1:00:30: At the Dallas police station, Oswald is escorted.

1:01:00 to 1:01:24: Marguerite Oswald is escorted in the Dallas police H.Q.

1:01:24 to 1:02:52: In Washington

1:02:52 to 1:04:24: Curry interviewed in the DPD police station corridor
1:04:24 to 1:05:00: Evidence against Oswald: Backyard photos and Carcano mail-order coupon
1:05:00 to 1:05:30: In Washington
1:05:30: Parkland Hospital. Gov. Connally is told about JFK being hit and killed

1:05:58 to 1:07:15: Dealey Plaza in color on November 23

1:07:15 to 1:08:57: Dallas Police H.Q. on Saturday evening
1:07:15: H. Louis Nichols of the Dallas Bar Association talking
1:07:31: Lawyer John Abt’s photo is seen
1:07:40: Back to Nichols
1:07:51: Henry Wade is talking about conducting the trial against Oswald
1:08:13: Curry is asked about security and threats against Oswald
1:08:35: Oswald back in the corridor
1:08:37: Possibly Ruby seen in the corridor from the back

1:08:57: Washington, Sunday, November 24

1:09:34: Dallas, Sunday, November 24, 9:50 AM. Preparing for Oswald transfer

1:09:34: Crowd in Dealey Plaza waiting for the transfer
1:10:31: 11:07 AM. Police activities outside the jail
1:11:04: In the DPD station basement
1:11:16: Patrick Dean outside the jail
1:11:25: Back in the police basement
1:11:39 to 1:12:07: Outside the jail

1:12:07: Parkland Hospital, 11 AM. Ms. Connally gives a press conference. While she is speaking, the Towner film is shown
1:13:26: WFAA Bob Walker has 2 phones to his ears, and says, “We’re waiting for Oswald’s transfer”
1:13:30: Dallas City Hall basement, 11:20 AM
1:13:41: Oswald is led by Fritz and other officers
1:14:17: Ruby shoots Oswald
1:15:25: Activity in the booking room where Ruby was brought in after the shooting
1:15:43: Ruby is escorted by officers
1:15:49: Ruby is put in an elevator
1:16:01: Back in the basement where reporters are discussing. They’re getting out of the way to let the ambulance go by
1:16:12: Back in the booking room
1:16:17: Oswald on a stretcher
1:16:41: Armor truck outside. Ambulance coming out

1:16:58 to 1:18:44: White House, 11 AM

1:18:44 to 1:19:43: KRLD-TV: Dallas City Hall basement. Reporters after Oswald was evacuated

1:19:04: Bob Jackson with cigarette on the right

TLT 91

1:19:22: Patrick Dean interviewed by reporters


1:19:43: Parkland Hospital. Waiting for Oswald to arrive.
1:19:52: Ambulance is guided through
1:19:54: Oswald on stretcher
1:20:00: Scenes inside Parkland
1:20:04: Outside Parkland

1:20:10: Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington


1:21:15: Parkland Hospital: A doctor discusses Oswald’s case
1:22:01: WFAA reporter Walker announces that Oswald is dead
1:22:09: Short scene outside of Parkland

1:22:22: Washington

1:23:28 to 1:24:13: Back to WFAA studios.

1:23:40: A staff member tells Bob Walker that the man is Ruby of the Carousel Club. Walker puts his hand on the microphone and asks if this has been verified


1:24:13: WFAA-Radio discusses Ruby while he is seen in the basement. Film of the Carousel.
1:24:29: Chief Curry announces Oswald’s death
1:24:58: WFAA reporter Bill Lord interviews James Leavelle
1:25:24: Back to WFAA with Bob Walker. He mentions Bob Jackson’s photo of Oswald’s shooting
1:25:50: WFAA-Radio reporter seems to say that all the officers in the Dallas police building believe that Ruby killed Oswald to “close his lips”

1:26:10: KRLD reporter Underwood tells reporters that Ruby’s sister stated that Ruby had no relationship with Oswald

1:26:42 to 1:27:16: Washington
1:27:16 to 1:28:47: Tippit’s funerals
1:28:47 to 1:29:48: Oswald’s funerals
1:29:45 to end: President Johnson talks to Congress


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America


The Lost Bullet


5:15 to 5:22: Witness Amos Euins’ perspective from the corner of Elm and Street






7:38 to 11:15: Zapruder film analysis

Zapruder film
Zapruder film

13:10 to 15:27: Bell film analysis

TLB 29
Bell film

Bell film
Bell film

13:22: The Babushka Lady running up the stairs

Bell film

13:26: Probably the Dark Complexion Man, the Umbrella Man’s companion, on the North side of Elm, on the left.

Bell film
Bell film

13:28 to 13:45: Nix film

13:31: The Rowland couple

Nix film
Nix film

13:33: The “Classic gunman”

Nix film
Nix film

Nix film
Nix film

13:56 to 13:58: Bell film: Babushka Lady running up the stairs

Bell film
Bell film

15:36 to 17:16: Witness Euins. A few shots of his appearance in the 1967 CBS News Special are shown.

TLB 22

TLB 23

TLB 24

TLB 25

15:52: Euins demonstrates how he ducked after the shots

TLB 24

16:01: Hiding after a shot

TLB 23

16:02: Getting back up

TLB 25

16:16 to 16:34: Euins in a B&W interview (1963?)

TLB 26

16:35 to 16:40: On the South-East side of the TSBD. Police Officer D.V. Harkness with Euins (Cooper film).

Cooper film
Cooper film

17:36 to 19:32: Bell film, Nix film and Hughes films receive cutting-edge photo treatment

Bell film (Starts at 18:37)

18:37 to 18:48: Bell film. Excellent quality. Shows Houston Street

TLB 29
Bell film

Bell film
Bell film

18:53: The Babushka Lady on the South side of Elm Street.

TLB 43

TLB 40

19:05: Extreme blow-up of the whole fence area as Bell’s camera is panning from West to East

Nix film (Starts at 19:33)

20:11 to 20:13: News film of people in front of the TSBD. Unknown date. B&W.
20:13 to 20:34: Couch film for a few seconds / Few seconds of several films
20:34: Warren Commission members and investigators in Dealey Plaza

20:41: Secret Service agent John Howlett returns to the 6th floor for the first time in 50 years

21:13 to 21:15: Rare WBAP/Owens film taken on the 6th floor.

Carl Day and photographer Studebaker

Owens/WBAP film
Owens/WBAP film

21:21 to 21:23: Owens film: Men going up in elevator. Possibly cameraman Jack Beers in the middle.

Owens/WBAP film
Owen/WBAP film

21:36: Cooper film showing Carl Day with rifle about to get into a car

 TLB 55

Hughes film (30:37 to 31:34)

30:07: On Main Street (Pepsi sign).
30:27: Houston and Elm

30:40: Excellent blow-ups of the sniper’s window

TLB 58

TLB 61

TLB 64

TLB 67

31:11: Max Holland says he sees the figure of Oswald taking position for the shooting.

31:32: Lovelady in the TSBD entrance / Ms Glover in blue standing on structure

Hughes film
Hughes film

31:34 to 31:38: Crowd movement / Orville Nix is seen filming

Hughes film
Hughes film

31:46: People running away from the scene

31:57: Extreme blow-up of the sniper’s nest window

Hughes film
Hughes film

32:04: Back to Euins and Max Holland

TLB 79

32:32: News film shows where Euins was standing

32:33: James Worrell look-alike in white / Boy with camera on the right

TLB 85

32:58: Witness Patricia Ann Donaldson. We see where she was standing

TLB 76

33:28: Alyea film: Witness Bob Edwards who saw a man in a window is led away by a jailer

TLB 97

TLB 91

33:37 to 33:50: Euins recalls the sequence of the shots for the 1967 CBS News Special and the documentary
34:44: Howlett demonstrates how Oswald could have done the shooting
35:11 to 36:14: A Marine tried to replicate what Oswald did

Dorman film 36:39 to 38:01

36:41: Hughes film: The window where Elsie Dorman took her film from

Hughes film
Hughes film

Reporter Pierce Allman is the second man from the left

Dorman film
Dorman film

Towner film: 41:38

42:57 to 43:06: Restored film

News report on the Towner film. Shows the best version I’ve seen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSVKtRRbfZc  youtube icon


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

Death in Dealey Plaza


Wiegman film

2:04 to 3:52: Wiegman film analysis

3:05 to 3:52: Wiegman film. Often cut off with scenes showing Wiegman explaining the film he took. It seems to be a complete version. Last images are of the Newmans on the ground

Witness Virgie Rackley in the Wiegman film. She is also seen in another film taken inside the TSBD

Death In Dealey Plaza-10-Wiegman film-Virgie Rackley
Wiegman film

Death In Dealey Plaza-19-Wiegman
Wiegman film


3:57 to 5:01: Parkland in color (Atkins film).

Nix film

5:06 to 5:13: Partial version. Head shot and aftermaths

George Jeffries color film taken on November 23.

5:14 to 5:20.

Death In Dealey Plaza-46-Hughes film

Hughes film

5:24 to 5:39: Partial version. Great image quality. Scenes after the shooting of the crowd on Elm Street.

Death In Dealey Plaza-64-Hughes film
Hughes film

5:24: Camera pans from left to right.

Death In Dealey Plaza-58-Hughes film
Hughes film

5:25: The big white structure on the South side of Elm and the Old Court Building can be seen.
5:29: Western corner of the TSBD, higher floors.
5:33: Front of the TSBD. Lovelady is seen.

Secret Service re-enactment film (B&W)

5:39 to 5:48: B&W footage of the TSBD taken from a vehicle driving away.

Hughes film

5:48 to 5:59: Partial version. Crowd is running towards the grassy knoll.

Each photographer’s position in Dealey Plaza

6:13 to 6:53: Video shows each photographer’s position in Dealey Plaza.

Hughes film

12:22 to 13:13: Hughes film analysis. Partial version.

12:30 to 12:53: Pre-shooting footage.

Death In Dealey Plaza-192-Hughes film

12:53 to 13:00: 6th floor window.

Death In Dealey Plaza-228-Hughes film 3X
Hughes film

Death In Dealey Plaza-225-Hughes film
Hughes film

Nix film

13:13: Nix film analysis.
13:43: Partial version.
13:45 to 13:48: Pre-shooting footage.
13:46: The Rowland couple on Houston.

14:12-14:19: Complete Dealey Plaza sequence.

Dorman film

14:40 to 16:38: Dorman film analysis. Possibly the complete version.
15:23 to 15:54: Dorman film

15:28: An unknown camerawoman seen on the sidewalk. Possibly Edwards and Fischer on the bottom-left

Unknown photographer in Dorman
Dorman film

15:36: The Towner family on the right. Tina in blue. Mom behind her.

Death In Dealey Plaza-256-Dorman film-Towner family
Dorman film

15:38: Betzner with his camera

Dorman film
Dorman film

15:39: A second unknown camerawoman (possible the woman seen with a camera in the DCA film below). Rosemary Willis, in red skirt is running behind her

Death In Dealey Plaza-268-Dorman film-Camerawoman
Dorman film   

DCA film
Possibly KRLD

Towner film

16:38 to 17:52: Towner film analysis

17:33 to 17:43: Possible a complete version. It could be shorter than the version in the “The Assassination Films”

Death In Dealey Plaza-303-Towner film-Not sure if from that DVD
Towner film

Willis photo

17:52 to 19:06: Willis photo analysis

Muchmore film

19:06: Muchmore film
19:15 to 19:31: Pre-shooting sequence

19:29: Phil Willis  in these 2 frames of the Muchmore film.

Death In Dealey Plaza-346-Muchmore film

Death In Dealey Plaza-361-Muchmore film-Cameraman

19:31 to 19:38: Muchmore stopped filming, and re-positions herself
19:38 to 19:46: The film resumes after Muchmore has changed location

19:48 to 20:20: The Babushka Lady in the Muchmore film, discussion.

Death In Dealey Plaza-373-Muchmore film
Muchmore film

Moorman photo

20:20 to 22:26: Moorman photo

Bronson film

22:48 to 22:50: Very brief excerpt. Shows head shot.

Death In Dealey Plaza-394-Bronson film
Bronson film

Nix film

22:52 to 23:13: Seems to be complete excepted for the pre-shooting sequence
23:05: Crowd movements after shooting

The Babushka Lady. The red arrows points to her.

Death In Dealey Plaza-418-Nix film - Babushka Lady
Nix film

Hughes film

23:13 to 23:16: People running away of the scene and to the scene
23:16 to 23:21: People running away from the grassy knoll

WFAA/ L’Hoste film

23:21 to 23:25: Films the crowd from the top of the grassy knoll

WFAA film / L’Hoste

23:25 to 23:28: Footage of the TSBD

Moorman photo

24:00 to 28:41: Moorman photo analysis

Nix film

29:05 to 32:08: Nix film analysis

Nix’ position

Death In Dealey Plaza-468-Nix position

32:08: Zapruder seen filming in the Nix film

Death In Dealey Plaza-469
Nix film

Jim Towner photo

35:27 to 35:35: Gary Mack explains the context of the photo using the Z-film.

Willis photo

32:42: Gary Mack explains the context of the Willis photo using the Zapruder film

Death In Dealey Plaza-470-Zap in Willis-Image seen at the back of structure
Willis photo

36:18: Great view of the Babushka Lady’s blue dress in the Zapruder film.

Death In Dealey Plaza-489-Babushka Lady in Zap
Zapruder film


40:00: Showing all the film in a chronological order


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

The Story Behind the Story


WFAA studios 41:54: Ruby look-alike. Seems to be the same as the one assumed to be Ruby in the police station on Friday night

Ruby, maybe


Ruby in police basement
Dallas Police Headquarters

MIdnight Press Conference
Midnight Press Conference

Ruby at press conference 1
Midnight Press Conference

Video showing an incredible Ruby look-alike: 

Ruby look-alike in WFAA studios  youtube icon


55:57: EDIT: This boy does not have a camera as previously thought. He is carrying his mom’s purse.


Back in the WFAA studio

The studio sequence starts at 1:00:06.

Dealey Plaza

1:00:31: Witness Robert Edwards in white shirt tells WFAA reporter Bill Lord that he saw a man “up there” when asked by Lord asked, “You saw a man?”. Watch the clip below. Also seen in the film: Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig, D.S. Allan Sweet and D.A. Assistant Bill Alexander.



Interview with witness Bob Edwards  youtube icon

1:00:42 to 1:01:16: Larry Florer at the police station


1:01:16-1:02:35: WFAA reporter Bill Lord interviews Captain Sawyer in front of the TSBD


1:02:35 to 1:10:19: Mostly studio
1:04:32: Zapruder in studio

1:10:19 to 1:10:56: Motorcade, a few minutes before the shots. L’Hoste filming on Main, between Lamar and Griffin.

The Story Behind The Story-43

1:10:56 to 1:12:44: Dealey Plaza sequence, about 10 to 20 minutes after the shooting. The structure on which Zapruder was filming is seen. People walk in that direction.

The Story Behind The Story-55

1:11:01: Filmed from the top of the grassy knoll by A.J. L’Hoste, in the direction of Elm Street.

The Story Behind The Story-58-LHoste

1:11:02: Police bikes on Stemmons.

The Story Behind The Story-70-Stemmons Freeway

1:11:04: TSBD from a distance

The Story Behind The Story-82

1:11:07: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford going into TSBD through a window of the second floor.

The Story Behind The Story-85

1:11:13: Cop on a 3-wheeler with another one on the back.

The Story Behind The Story-98

1:11:16: Movements in front of the TSBD. CBS cameraman Steve Pieringer in the foreground?

The Story Behind The Story-112

1:11:20: Police activity

The Story Behind The Story-121-Looks like Craig in a Murray photo

1:11:28: Focus on cops with rifles

The Story Behind The Story-151

1:11:30: Movements in front of the TSBD

The Story Behind The Story-139

The Story Behind The Story-148

1:11:40: Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers or SS Agent Forrest Sorrels takes with him witnesses Brennan (hat), Brehm (center) and Euins (left)

The Story Behind The Story-169-Brehm, Brennan, Emos, maybe Craig

1:11:44: KRLD cameramen Underwood on the right with Steve Pieringer on his left

The Story Behind The Story-178

1:11:45: Movements in front of the TSBD

1:11:49: Close-up of the sniper’s window

The Story Behind The Story-187

1:11:54: The Rowland couple seen from the back, led by a cop. They witnessed the shooting from Houston Street.

The Story Behind The Story-190

1:11:56: Sheriff Decker filmed by L’Hoste. KRLD cameraman Sanderson on his left.

The Story Behind The Story-196-Decker and Sanderson

1:12:03: Focus on cops with rifles

The Story Behind The Story-216

1:12:06 to 1:12:18: Florer arrest. The man on his left is D.A. staff member H.H. Davis.

The Story Behind The Story-228

The Story Behind The Story-222-Reporter takes notes

The Story Behind The Story-243-Florer-Man in elavator, maybe

1:12:12: KRLD cameraman Steve Pieringer seen filming on the right.

Willis photo
Willis photo                        

1:12:18: Movements in front of TSBD

The Story Behind The Story-255

1:12:23: A motorcycle departs.

The Story Behind The Story-264

1:12:28 to 1:12:43: TSBD employees led by cops and put in a police car.

The Story Behind The Story-288

1:12:43 and 1:15:03: WFAA Studio


1:15:03 to 1:16:22: Outside of Parkland
1:16:22 and 1:17:16: Mostly WFAA studio.

Tippit murder 1:17:16 to 1:19:25

1:17:16: Police cars rushing to Tippit’s murder scene.

1:17:21: Camera pans to a building where the killer might hide.

The Story Behind The Story-318

1:17:31: Light-color jacket shown by a cop to the camera.

The Story Behind The Story-327

1:17:35: Witness Reynolds questioned by a police officer. Two witnesses (?) behind him

The Story Behind The Story-335

1:17:39: Brief footage of a house

The Story Behind The Story-336

1:17:45: Witness Reynolds again at 1:17:56

The Story Behind The Story-337

1:17:56: Crowd watching cops at the Tippit murder scene

The Story Behind The Story-348

1:18:02: Cops interrogate people gathered around a car

The Story Behind The Story-354

1:18:06: Fingerprints expert Barnes arrives on the scene

1:18:09: Witness Mrs. Markham

The Story Behind The Story-387

1:18:17: A cop is running in the direction of Tippit’s car
1:18:21: Tippit’s car examined by cops, and officer Barnes is leaving the scene

1:18:29: A wallet and a revolver

The Story Behind The Story-405

1:18:38 to 1:18:47: Officer Barnes looks through Tippit’s car window and searches for prints on the car

1:18:47: Film in the theater (Great copy)

The Story Behind The Story-426

1:18:57: Filming outside of the theater

The Story Behind The Story-435

1:19:01 to 1:19:10: Oswald in a police car, and it drives off. An officer is seen with a shotgun.

1:19:10 to 1:19:25: Outdoor shot of theater.

The Story Behind The Story-447

Back to Dealey Plaza

Alyea film (1:19:46 to 1:21:24)

1:19:33 to 1:19:46: WFAA studios. Introducing the Alyea film

1:19:46: Carl Day searches prints on rifle, positioned by the window for maximum light.

The Story Behind The Story-456

1:19:57: Stairway sign. Detective Richard Sims and Elmer Boyd making sure no one touches the rifle.

The Story Behind The Story-459-Sims and Boyd

1:20:03: Same man as in 1:20:50 on top of boxes. The man on the right with hat seems to be wearing a badge. All these men, excepted the civilian in white, can be seen together in several Allen photos in front of the TSBD.

The Story Behind The Story-462

1:20:07: Investigators behind boxes / DPD photographer’s camera seen on the top of boxes

1:20:12: Focus on a bag on the floor

The Story Behind The Story-480

1:20:17: Where the shooter sat. A box is leaning on the window, probably used by the shooter for a better shot

1:20:32: Stairway sign again

1:20:35: Several cops. One points to the ceiling. Two more civilians can be seen.

The Story Behind The Story-489

1:20:45: Focus on a flashlight

The Story Behind The Story-498

1:20:48: A police officer.

The Story Behind The Story-501

1:20:50: Investigator standing on a pile of boxes and seen stepping down. Same man as in 1:20:03.

The Story Behind The Story-504

1:20:56: Focus on a Maxwell House coffee container. It is also seen in a photo of a detective’s hands at the DPD offices.

The Story Behind The Story-510

1:20:58: Officer Studebaker checking out a bag containing chicken.

The Story Behind The Story-519

1:21:10: Officer Studebaker searching for prints on a soda bottle.

The Story Behind The Story-517

1:21:16-1:21:24: Deputy Chief Lumpkin is looking around.

The Story Behind The Story-522


The Story Behind The Story-525

WFAA studio: 1:21:24 to 1:21:34

Alyea film (1:21:34 to 1:21:50)

Alyea films the outside of the TSBD from inside. A man is talking to Captain Sawyer (hidden from sight). This scene could be the same as the one depicted in one of the Tramp photos taken by Jack Beers. The man in the Alyea is often mistaken for Oswald by people who little of the topic.

Beers photo VS Alyea film
Beers photo VS Alyea film

The Story Behind The Story-530

The Story Behind The Story-531
Right arrow pointing to Captain Sawyer

1:21:50: Above door, it reads “100 Customer Service Wholesale only”. The man is the foreground is probably the same man as seen at 1:21:46 and the tramp photo referred to above.

The Story Behind The Story-542

The Story Behind The Story-533

The Story Behind The Story-531

1:21:57: The two cops guarding the TSBD entrance seem to let someone go in the building

The Story Behind The Story-545


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

JFK: Breaking the News


13:53 to 14:01: Towner film

14:12 to 14:39 : Couch film

Couch film
Couch/WFAA film

16:04 to 16:14: Hughes film shows crowd movement after the shots
16:24 to 16:28: Bell film: People on the overpass
16:28 to 16:37: Daniels film
16:50 to 16:54: Hughes film in the parking lot
18:54: Atkins film in Dealey Plaza.

Couch film

19:20 to 19:27: TSBD

19:27 to 19:31: Babushka Lady.

Breaking The News-34-Couch film-Babushka Lady

19:53 to 19:57: Couch film resumes: People going back on the sidewalk to avoid cars

Breaking The News-46-Couch film
Couch film

20:10 to 20:27: Nix film. Starts a few seconds before head shot / Crowd’s attention on the grassy knoll


24:01 to 24:37: Parkland
24:37 to 29:06: Nothing interesting

Dealey Plaza

29:06: Scenes in Dealey Plaza/ TSBD / Arrival of police officer Gerald Hill and reporter Jim Ewell getting off the car.

Breaking The News-58

29:16: Focus on cops with guns who are looking up the TSBD

Breaking The News-61

29:20: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford going into TSBD through a window

Breaking The News-67-Weatherford-WFAA
L’Hoste/WFAA film

29:23: Detective with white hat and raincoat talking to Marvin Wise

KLRD film
KRLD film

29:25: Close-up of upper windows of the TSBD

Breaking The News-79

29:30: KRLD cameraman Steve Perringer with colleague Underwood on his right

Breaking The News-82-Sanderson and Pieringer

Alyea film

29:35: Policemen and two men  in the TSBD. The one behind is reporter Ken Biffle.

29:44-29:46: Alyea and cops in the elevator going up. The civilian on the left seems to be reporter Kent Biffle.

29:47 to 29:53: Reporter Ken Biffle comments on his activities on the 6th floor
29:53: Carl Day searches for prints on rifle.

29:55: Deputy Sheriff Bill Wiseman trying to pull out something stuck in between boxes.

Alyea/WFAA film
Alyea/WFAA film

29:57: Investigator on a pile of boxes with something between his fingers

29:59: 2 investigators with flashlights
30:05: 2 men watching Day with the rifle. The man on the right is Dallas Morning News reporter Kent Biffle.

30:09: Carl Day and Fritz examining a rifle

Tippit murder scene

30:15: Tippit murder scene
30:27: Cop running in the direction of Tippit’s car

30:32: Officer Barnes searches for prints on Tippit’s car

Breaking The News-144
WFAA film

30:39: Cops talking to witnesses around the car behind Tippit’s car/ Officer Barnes arrives

30:47 to 30:55: WFAA cameraman filming from inside a car.

30:55: Reporter Hugh Aynesworth comments on arriving to Tippit murder scene quickly
31:05 to 31:17: Police car passing by / Cops in front of a house where the killer might hide
31:17: Two men, probably investigators, running in backyard

31:19: Cop shows Oswald’s jacket
31:23: WFAA footage of the Texas Theater
31:31: Crowd outside the theater awaiting for suspect to be taken out of the theater
31:35: Could it be Ruby seen from the back on the right?

Breaking The News-188-Ruby

31:35 to 31:46: Inside the theater. Oswald is screaming.

WFAA film
WFAA film

31:44 to 31:54: Hugh Ayensworth commenting on how cops treated Oswald in the theater

31:54 to 32:00: Oswald in car hiding his face with his hands or it could be a piece of clothes.

32:00 to 32:09: Oswald brought into the DPD station by his captors.

Back to the TSBD

32:09 to 32:15: TSBD employee Virgie Rackley interviewed by reporter Kent Biffle in the TSBD on the 1st floor.

WFAA film
WFAA film

32:15 to 32:20: Carl Day at the police station with the rifle up his arms.


32:20 to 32:23 Parkland in color (Atkins)
33:03: Parkland in B&W

DPD station

34:27 to 34:35: Detectives, one of them Leavelle, are walking into the Homicide Bureau office
34:40 to 34:58: Marina and Marguerite with baby at the DPD station

38:04: Possibly Ruby seen from the back in the DPD offices.

Breaking The News-254-Ruby

The rest of the program is about Oswald at the DPD station and Ruby’s shooting


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

3 Shots that Changed America

3 Shots that Changed America



0:00 to 1:00: Secret Service film: Re-enactment in Dealey Plaza
01:03: JFK in Texas

18:37: 11:54 AM

18:43: JFK leaves Love Field

18:53: Main Street

3 STCA 1-DCA film
DCA film

18:57: Dan Owens of WBAP with his camera

3 STCA 4-DCA film
DCA film

18:58 to 19:00: B&W footage of crowd
19:00 to 19:08: DCA film. Color footage before Dealey Plaza.
19:08 to 19:14: Hughes film of Elm Street

19:14 to 19:19: Hughes film: View of Main Street.
19:19: DCA color films of JFK’s car well before Dealey Plaza

20:19 to 20:21: Powers film. Shows Art Rickerby in middle of the car.

David Powers film
David Powers film

20:22: Color footage (DCA). Pre-shooting scenes

Hughes film
20:28 to 20:38: Hughes film (Pepsi Cola sign).
20:38 to 20:39: Blow-ups of the TSBD

20:40: 12:30 PM
20:45: The WFAA TV show airing before their JFK assassination coverage
21:12: “CBS NEWS BULLETIN”. After Cronkite has finished talking, a coffee ad is shown, but not shown entirely.
21:43: Wiegman film
21:49: Bell film shows the Babushka Lady
21:53: Atkins film: The Newmans
21:56: Wiegman film: The Newmans
21:57: Couch film (just a part)
21:59: Darnell film: Bill Newman pounding the ground
22:00: Couch film (just a part)

22:02: KRLD cameraman Underwood film: People rushing up the hill.

3 STCA 13-Underwood film
Underwood/KRLD film

3 STCA 16-Underwood film
Underwood/KRLD film

22:08 to 22:14: Bell film of people running up the hill. Brehm is talking to what seem to be reporters.

The Babushka Lady is up the hill / KRLD cameraman Jim Underwood on the top-left in blue raincoat.

3 STCA 19, Babushka, Bell
Bell film

22:15: Dark Completion Man in the middle, on the North side. He is also seen with the Umbrella Man in other photos and films.

3 STCA 20-Bell
Bell film

22:14 to 22:18: Hughes film: People running away from and other towards the scene
22:18: B&W footage showing police car followed by a 3-wheeler arriving in Dealey Plaza

22:23: Bell film taken from a building several minutes or a few hours after the shooting

Bell film
Bell film

22:27: DCA film in the parking lot showing Roger Craig and Eddie Walthers (This image is from Case for Conspiracy. It is clearer, but less rich in color, than the one shown on 3 Shots that Changed America)

Case For Conspiracy-84-DCA-Roger Craig and Walthers
DCA film

22:31: Hughes film in the parking lot. The Black guy with strip shirt is seen running up the grassy knoll at 22:07 in the Underwood film and at 22:54 in the L’Hoste film / A policeman on the extreme-left does not have his hat. He is seen later in the Darnell film.

DCA film
Hughes film

3 STCA 25-Hughes
Hughes film

22:34: Bell film taken from a building.

22:41: Darnell film: Focus on a police car going west on Elm Street / People crossing the street.

3 STCA 29-Darnell
Darnell/WBAP film

22:45: Hughes film: A few seconds of people crossing the street and standing on the grass.

22:50: Bell film taken from a building.

22:54: WFAA/L’Hoste footage: Filmed from the top of the grassy knoll. Shows crowd.

3 STCA 31-L'Hoste
L’Hoste/WFAA film

22:56: Possibly the DCM on the South side of Elm Street.

3 STCA 34-L'Hoste
L’Hoste/WFAA film

22:58: Hughes film: West corner filmed. Crowd in front of the TSBD.

23:02: Cooper film (Blond woman and spectators in front of the TSBD).

3 STCA 37
L’Hoste/WFAA film

3 STCA 40-Cooper
L’Hoste/WFAA film

3 STCA 43-Cooper
L’Hoste/WFAA film

23:08: Women asked by officer Harkness to get off the sidewalk.

Cooper film
Cooper film

23:11: KRLD cameraman Steve Pieringer.

3 STCA 47-Pieringer in it

3 STCA 48-Pieringer in it

23:13: Officer Gerald Hill getting off car with reporter Jim Ewell
23:19: WFAA reporter Bill Lord interviews witness Bob Edwards (See The Story Behind the Story).

23:25: Officer Gerald Hill pointing to the TSBD

3 STCA 49-Hill and Ewell
KRLD film

3 STCA 52-Hill and Ewell
KRLD film

23:27: WFAA footage: Focuses on the TSBD (L’Hoste).
23:28: WFAA footage of police activity in front of the TSBD
23:36: WFAA footage showing KRLD cameramen Pieringer and Sanderson

23:37 to 23:37: Alyea or Owens film in the elevator (maybe reporter Kent Biffle on the left). The one on the right can be seen entering the TSBD in another film.

3 STCA 54

23:42: CBS news report by Cronkite, supplemented with extra footage at Parkland by CBS cameraman Tom Craven and White House cameraman Tom Atkins.
23:57: WFAA cameraman Bert Shipp films en route to Parkland Hospital

24:03: Atkins film at Parkland (color)

24:07 to 24:11: At Parkland when Oswald was brought. People are asked to get out of the way.

Cooper film
Cooper film

24:11: Atkins film at Parkland (color)

24:18 to 25:03: B&W film at Parkland

25:07: The WFAA show before the JFK assassination coverage starts.

25:41 to 28:56: WFAA coverage starts with Jay Watson.
28:37: While Bill Newman talks to Watson, the Stoughton photo and Atkins film of the Newmans are shown.

28:56: Frame of the Muchmore film showing the Babushka Lady

Muchmore film
Muchmore film

29:04: News film and Atkins film at Parkland
29:37: CBS New York coverage

30:27: Footage in front of the TSBD.

3 STCA 67-Cooper film
Cooper film

3 STCA 70-Cooper film
KRLD Jim Underwood on the right facing camera. Cooper film

Firemen with ladders enter the TSBD

3 STCA 76

3 STCA 79

30:55: Alyea film on the 6th floor

Alyea film
Alyea film

31:04 to 31:11: Alyea film of the street from the 6th floor

31:13: Police and crowd activity in Dealey Plaza

Alyea film
Alyea film

31:16: Is this Elsie Dorman?

3 STCA 89, Dorman, maybe
L’Hoste/WFAA film

Black man with short sleeves. Could be the one in Altgens 6.

3 STCA 88
L’Hoste/WFAA film

3 STCA 87
L’Hoste/WFAA film

31:21 to 31:42: Footage leading to the Tippit murder scene / Audio of Tippit talking to the dispatcher.

31:49: Back to the WFAA studios with Jay Watson who announces that JFK is at Parkland

32:23 to 32:47: B&W film at Parkland (WFAA bus is seen)

32:39: Policemen on the roof of Parkland Hospital

3 STCA 91-Parkland

3 STCA 94-Parkland

32:52: Dog in a police car at Parkland

3 STCA 97-Parkland

3 STCA 98-Parkland

3 STCA 99-Parkland-Parkland

33:38: Color footage at Trade Mart
33:54 to 34:24: B&W footage at Trade Mart

34:26: People in New York react to the news
35:35 to 36:57: New York CBS coverage

36:57: News film of Larry Florer escorted by the police

36:57: Arial footage of Dealey Plaza

37:03 to 37:52: Radio bulletin supplemented with news films

37:06: Probably Cooper film of the crowd on the South side of Elm in front of the TSBD.

Roger Craig is seen down the screen talking to police officers.

3 STCA 100-Cooper film-Craig in it

3 STCA 103-Cooper film-Craig in it

37:12: Fritz just got off the car from Parkland. He is escorted by Deputy Chief of Police Lumpkin.

3 STCA 106
KRLD film

37:18: Same footage as in 23:42
37:22 to 37:45: Alyea film

37:35: Roger Craig, Boyd, Fritz in same frames. Rifle is then examined by Carl Day and Fritz.

3 STCA 109-Alyea film
Alyea/WFAA film

3 STCA 112-Alyea film-Craig in it
Alyea/WFAA film

Tippit murder and Oswald arrest: 37:46 to 39:54

39:22: While Oswald is in a police car, a deputy sheriff (probably) is seen with a rifle.

3 STCA 115-Texas Theater

39:28: Oswald in the car. Probably a piece of clothes above his head.
39:29: TV host announces the arrest of Oswald.

39:36: Bill Williams in white shirt. On his right is one of his friend. They are in the police building elevator that will bring Oswald upstairs after he had just been brought to the police station a few minutes after he had been captured.

3 STCA 118

3 STCA 121

3 STCA 124-Craig look-alike on bottom left

3 STCA 127-Craig look-alike on bottom left

39:46: Oswald brought in the Homicide Bureau office
39:51: Oswald walks by Lovelady who is sitting on a chair

39:52 to 40:12: A news commentator discusses the political impact of the assassination.

40:18: Oswald is placed in a room in the Homicide Bureau office. Cameramen try to film Oswald.

40:24: 2:06 PM

40:25 to 40:41: N.Y. CBS coverage

41:00: Back in the WFAA studios

41:09 to 41:39: While the George Jefferies film taken the next day is shown, New York Times reporter Tom Wicker reports on Kennedy’s death. Ends with some Dorman film

3 STCA 128

3 STCA 129

41:39 to 41:42: Boston Symphony Orchestra: JFK’s death is announced.

Beethoven’s Funeral March is played. Doorman film is briefly shown.
41:46: Hearse leaving Parkland Hospital.

42:05: 2:38 PM
42:11 to 42:27: Photos of LBJ being sworn in while the music mentioned above is playing
42:27 to 42:52: Life continues in the streets of Dallas (no sound)
42:52 to 44:14: Zapruder interviewed by Jay Watson of WFAA

44:12 to 45:50: People on the streets of New York are interviewed

45:40 to 46:20: News commentator says it must be a planned conspiracy
46:11: Back to Jay Watson with film editor Bert Shipp
47:00: Photo of Oswald with policemen is shown on the screen
47:09: A news host says that Oswald is the chairman of the FPFC
47:24 to 48:20: Dr. Shaw’s press conference from Parkland on Governor Connally’s health
48:35: B&W film of the street, well after the assassination since there are flowers all over the place
48:36 to 49:08: Jay Watson in studio with the WFAA cameraman who was at the Tippit murder scene

49:13: People on the street looking up the TSBD. Maybe James Worrell? Cameraman on the bottom left. Could it be FBI agent Bob Barrett behind him?

3 STCA 130
Cooper film

3 STCA 149-Photographer bottom left
Cooper film

49:16: Man looking at the front page of a paper announcing the assassination

49:22 to 49:30: Back to the footage shown at 49:13 / Arial footage of Dealey Plaza

49:34 to 50:53: People on the New York streets react

50:55: Air Force One lands at the Andrews Force Base
53:29: Photo taken by Life photographer Bob Phillips in the Bethesda Hospital
53:45: Carl Day with rifle at the police station
54:51: View of inside Homicide Bureau office

54:52: The man on the phone is Detective T.L. Baker. This frame was a few seconds after Day displayed the rifle to the Press.

3 STCA 153

55:00: Michael Paine seen from the back in the police station

3 STCA 154

55:09 Oswald is escorted to an interrogation room

55:03 to 56:05: Cronkite reports on Oswald being in Russia
56:06: Oswald’s landlord interviewed (Gladys Johnson).
56:24 to 56:40: Housekeeper Earlene Roberts interviewed
56:40 to 57:20: Back to the police station. Oswald is escorted out from an interrogation room to the Homicide Bureau Office (“I’m just a pasty!”)
57:20 to 58:13: News anchors talking
58:13: Fritz talking to the press in front of the Homicide Bureau office
58:32: Outside, in front of the Dallas Police H.Q. building

58:38: In the Dallas Police H.Q. Michael Paine is seen.

3 STCA 158-Payne

3 STCA 159-Payne

58:50: Chief Curry talking to the press in the station corridor

59:10: A press member asks for a room where they could interview Oswald. Fritz, Curry and Wade conferencing. Everybody is heading to the Identification Room where the “Midnight press conference” is going to take place.
1:01:47: Oswald: “A policeman hit me”. Oswald is escorted out.
1:02:06: Wade: “He’s been charged with murder”
1:02:41: Ruby is heard correcting Wade on the FPCC comment
1:03:03: End of the press conference
1:03:05: WFAA studios: Reporters Bill Lord and Bob Clark
1:03:15 to 1:03:33: B&W footage is shown and described by Clark

1:03:33: In Washington

1:04:10: Sunday, November 23
1:04:20 to 1:04:27 (7 AM): CBS Mike Wallace

1:04:27: Report from Dealey Plaza, and inside the TSBD. Newsmen seen sleeping, probably did not have any sleep the night before.

3 STCA 163

3 STCA 160

1:04:42: Coffee served in the TSBD allegedly by TSBD employee Bill Shelly.

3 STCA 166
Cooper film

1:04:44: Inside the police station
1:04:49: CBS Dan Rather reports in studio. Marina Oswald is seen with baby. Later Marguerite Oswald is seen. Then Mrs. Paine.
1:05:20: TV host says that the terms “plot of international communism” has been left out by the Dallas authorities.

Curry: FBI and Oswald

1:05:37: Curry talks to reporters in the police corridor
1:06:52: Curry says the police did not know Oswald was in Dallas, but the FBI did
1:07:02: CBS Cronkite reports what Curry just said about the FBI interrogating Oswald 2 weeks prior to the assassination
1:07:19 to 1:08:42: Cronkite keep talking while we’re back to the police HQ where Captain King answers reporters’ questions. King says he has no information on the FBI interviewing Oswald

1:08:43 (12:11 PM): Curry retracts. He says he has no info on if or when Oswald was interviewed by the FBI.

1:09:45: Marina Oswald is escorted in (Kent Biffle seen at 1:09:47)
1:10:03: Fritz says, “This case is cinched”

1:10:12 (2:13 PM): Reporter Bob Huffaker with his camera is hoping to film Oswald coming out, and going into the show-up room for the line-up. He failed in going in the show-up room.

3 STCA 169

3 STCA 172

3 STCA 178

1:12:31 (4:01 PM): Dan Rather reports from Dealey Plaza
1:13:29: Walter Cronkite talks from studio about foreign reaction. A BBC commentator talks about JFK’s importance / Song / Funerals discussed
1:15:40: LBJ addresses the press

1:16:31 (6:24 PM).
1:16:36: Back in the police HQ. Oswald is taken in for questioning
1:17:05 (7 PM): Curry answers questions from reporters

1:18:15 (7:15 PM): Oswald is brought back to the interrogation room. “I strongly deny these charges”, he says.

1:18:47: Curry addresses the reporters regarding Oswald transfer

1:19:27: Washington

1:19:39 (Sunday morning): Outside the police H.Q. Then we have segments of the crowd on Elm Street
1:19:54 (11:09 AM): News host in Washington.
1:20:28: In Dealey Plaza
1:20:37: Bill Lord reports from Houston Street. Camera pans to the County Jail

1:20:55: Washington

1:21:11: Back to Dealey Plaza
1:21:25: Bob Walker of WFAA talks to a reporter in the jail
1:21:33: Reporter in the jail
1:21:39: Policemen outside the jail
1:22:02: Curry talks to reporters. He says he has no detail on an earlier threat

1:22:02: Washington

1:22:30: Back to Walker
1:22:36: Inside the jail

1:22:43: Washington

1:22:52: Back to the jail
1:23:04: Curry talks to reporters. He says he cannot deny the possibility that someone else might have known that Oswald would kill Tippit or JFK

1:23:37: Washington

1:23:42: Crowd in front of the jail
1:23:46: Armour truck
1:23:47: Oswald escorted out of a room
1:25:39: Sheriff Decker outside the jail

1:27:06: Sheriff Decker talks to reporters / D.S. Eugene Boone is seen behind and to Decker’s right

3 STCA 192-Boone on left

1:27:10: Washington

1:27:20: Dealey Plaza after Ruby’s shooting

1:27:26: KRLD Sanderson with camera. Then Sergeant Patrick Dean is interviewed.

3 STCA 193, Sanderson

3 STCA 196, Sanderson

3 STCA 199

3 STCA 200-Darnell on right

1:27:47: Washington

1:27:54: Outside the jail. Deputy Sheriff Al Maddox can be seen.

3 STCA 202, Maddox on right

1:27:59: Washington

1:28:12: Back outside the jail

At Parkland, Oswald arrives.


0:00: WFAA reporter Bill Lord outside the County Jail after Ruby shooting

0:17: DCA color footage from outside the jail. A man, probably a reporter trying to get access to the building where Oswald was shot, is fighting with a policeman.

DCA film
DCA film

00:24: Crowd reacts to the shots
00:32: Oswald evacuated
00:35: Outside the jail, and more reactions of the crowd

00:39: DCA color footage
00:45: More reactions of the crowd

00:46: DCA color footage

00:55: DCA color film: WFAA truck.

DCA film
DCA film

1:02: Reporter in the jail basement describes Ruby’s movements
1:39 to 1:44: Oswald on a stretcher arrives at Parkland
1:56: A man at Parkland states that Dr. Shyer at Parkland has announced that Oswald is under surgery
2:23 to 2:36: Fritz and officers are let in Parkland
2:36: Reporter at the police HQ discusses Ruby
2:54: Some officers and Leavelle are let in the Homicide Bureau office

3:06: Leavelle in Homicide Bureau office, sitting next to a witness.

  3 STCA Part 2, 1

3:11 to 3:36: Officer grilled by the press about Ruby having easy access to the police station.  “He has a lot of friends here?” Officer seems uncomfortable. He states, “I don’t know”

3:36: Reporter discusses Ruby
4:25 to 5:29: Curry is “wired” so he can talk to the press. Curry announces Oswald’s death.
5:29 to 6:20: Slow-motion of Ruby’s shooting
6:20 to 8:03: CBS Dan Rather discusses Ruby. Interviews Bill Demar, a magician who worked at Ruby’s club who states he saw Oswald there in the audience.
8:03 to 8:32: Ruby is escorted to an interrogation room, the same room where Oswald was interrogated.

8:32 to 9:46: Unknown TV host interviews performer Jada in studio
9:46 to 9:48: Cronkite discusses Ruby
9:48 to 10:40: Tribute to JFK by the New York Symphony Orchestra. Proceedings in Washington.
10:40: Oswald burial
11:06 to 12:29: JFK’s funeral in Washington and Oswald’s in Fort Worth.
12:29 to 12:31: People with flowers in Dealey Plaza
12:36: People in Dealey Plaza on Sunday.
12:54: People on the street reaction
13:51 to 14:12: Cronkite wonders if Oswald was killed to “shut his mouth”.

DCA color footage in front of the jail.
14:12 to 14:22: News host says that one of Oswald’s “passion was politics. LEFT politics”
14:56: 3 women who attended High School with Oswald discuss Oswald
15:40: Oswald is shown in a B&W footage distributing literature in New Orleans
15:58 to 16:08: Martin color footage of Oswald distributing literature in New Orleans

John Martin film
John Martin film

16:15 to 16:29: Oswald is seen in New Orleans courthouse.

Oswald at NO courthouse 1

16:29: Cronkite speaks. Followed by color footage taken outside the County Jail.
17:21: LBJ says he ordered an inquiry
17:43: Dallas streets and Dealey Plaza
18:46: Ruby’s lawyer Tom Howard reports that Ruby denied to him he ever met with Oswald
19:59 to 20:37: News anchor discusses
20:26: Dealey Plaza
20:40 to 20:46: SS agent looking out the sniper’s window
20:51: SS re-enacts the shooting
21:36 to 22:05:  Phone conversation between LBJ and Hoover
22:12 to 22:49: Warren Commission is created. Ruby escorted out.
22:50 to 22:53: Arial view of Dealey Plaza
22:55: The press is skeptical about one man doing it alone
23:24: Men selected to be on the Warren Commission

Pre-trial hearings and trial of Ruby

23:50 to 24:54: TV special on Ruby’s defense. Marvin Belin is talking
24:54: January 1964. Pre-trial hearings
25:42: Ruby is grilled by reporters

26:04 to 26:38: Ruby says, “I was more remorseful than angry about that.. I can’t understand how such a great man can be lost”. Is this an admission of guilt?

This is the video of the above:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mT_PsidbrM      youtube icon

26:52: Wade on Ruby
27:11: Ruby’s lawyer finds excuses for Ruby (“automatic state at that time”)
27:40: Bob Walker of WFAA announces that the jury is ready for Ruby trial decision
28:30: Verdict given to the judge
29:13: “Miscarriage of justice”, says Ruby’s lawyer Melvin Belli
29:29: His other lawyer, Joe Tonahill, states, “I’m about to throw up!”

The Warren Commission and its critics

29:30: Warren Commission members in Dallas
32:41: CBS News Extra presents the Warren Report
33:42: December 19, 1964. TV host mentions Ruby tried to commit suicide twice
34:42:  January 1967. Was Oswald the only killer? Mark Lane’s documentary Rush to Judgment. A witness says he saw smoke from the fence
36:06: January 3, 1967: Jack Ruby dies of cancer. Color footage.
36:14: Audio of Ruby’s interview at the hospital. Ruby denies he ever saw or heard of Oswald , or that Oswald was ever in his club.
36:39: BBC special on the JFK assassination. “The Death of Kennedy”
39:29: Mark Lane’s voice. He talks about the magic bullet.
40:04: Mark Lanes debates David Belin and Arlen Spector.

Garrison inquiry

40:59: July 15, 1967. Jim Garrison addresses the American public. Color footage of an interview with him.
42:18: March 1, 1967. Announcement of Clay Shaw’s arrest.
42:56: Mike Wallace of CBS talks about Clay Shaw’s arrest.
43:27: Shaw denies the charges
43:39: CBS Cronkite comments on Garrison / Garrison refuses to confirm that the CIA is behind the assassination
44:57: Wallace interviews Garrison
45:37: BBC interview with Garrison (B&W).
45:51: Wallace interview (Moorman photo shown).
46:53: Color footage in Dealey Plaza. People on the streets give their thoughts on the subject

47:36: January 31, 1968. Johnny Carson interviews Garrison.

This is a video of that interview. Not complete.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUWwMVZydOc   youtube icon

48:25: April 4, 1968. CBS Evening News: MLK killed.
49:50: RFK comments on MLK

50:17: June 5, 1968. RFK killed.
52:21: The Byrds singer claims that JFK was killed by multiple shooters

52:50: Byrds song “Everything will be all right”. King riots shown

Garrison inquiry (Continued).

54:07: Clay Shaw trial (CBS report).

54:24. February 26, 1969
54:43: News report announces that Shaw has been found non-guilty. Shaw reacts. A member of the jury also reacts.
55:35: May 2, 1970. Color footage of LBJ talking with Cronkite about the JFK assassination
56:39: October 28, 1970. Eddy Barker at Love Field where Nixon and George Bush are seen outside the airplane

57:40: March 6, 1975. Robert Groden shows the Zapruder film on Good Night America.

59:51: TV special The American Assassins with Dan Rather.

1:01:46: November 22, 1976.JFK and MLK assassination cases re-opened. Director Richard Sprague of the Special Select Committee states that “no witness, document or avenue will be left unexplored”.
1:02:05: Saturday Night Live intro: Spoof of Ruby`s shooting.


1:02:35: September 6, 1978. TV host announces the opening of the HSCA hearings.
1:03:15: HSCA hearings start
1:03:27: Zapruder film
1:03:49: Groden testifies to the HSCA

1:04:02: Groden talks about the umbrella man to the HSCA

This is a video of the above:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Phs5j33elE   youtube icon

1:04:32: Day 3. Dr. Baden is seen describing a head X-Ray / Followed by film showing a bullet going through various matters.
1:05:42: Day 4. Acoustic expert Dr. James Barger testifies there is a possibility of 50% that there were 3 shots.
1:06:24: Day 14. Umbrella man Louis Witt testifies to the HSCA
1:07:11: Day 16. Evidence linking Mafia figure Santos Trafficante to the assassination
1:07:34: Jose Aleman says what Trafficante told him about JFK: “He won’t be re-elected. He’s going to be hit”
1:07:44: December 30, 1978. TV report.

Oswald’s body examination

1:08:29: August 1980. BBC’s Newsnight: Michael Eddows

1:11:40. Newsnight continues
1:12:52: Oswald’s grave digging starts
1:13:33: Dr. Norton announces the medical report

1:14:00: November 22, 1988. CBS News report. CBS poll.
1:15:13: Various people give their opinion on NPR Radio.

Witnesses interviewed on November 22, 1988 for The Men Who Killed Kennedy documentary

1:15:57: People on the grassy knoll on November 22, 1988.
1:16:14: Witnesses interviewed on November 22, 1988 for The Men Who Killed Kennedy documentary.
1:16:14: Gordon Arnold
1:16:39: The Newman family.
1:17:08: Beverly Oliver
1:17:16: Rosemary and Phil Willis

JFK: The movie

1:17:38: November 1991. CBS Dan Rather reports on JFK the movie.
1:18:48: JFK movie set.
1:20:25: December 20, 1991. Various news reports on JFK the movie.

Documents released (1993)

1:22:04: August 23, 1993. News report on documents released by the National Archives
1:22:52: NBC Brokaw talks about the release of documents. Other news reports follow.

References to the JFK assassination in movies and TV shows

1:23:57: The Simpsons mention the Zapruder film
1:24:04: Seinfeld’s spoof of the Zapruder film
1:24:14: Various references to the JFK assassination in movies, songs, and TV shows.

1:24:47: James Files claims he was in Dallas
1:25:35: People visit the grassy knoll
1:26:00: Dan Rather discusses the Cooper film
1:27:14: Various footage of the motorcade
1:28:29: CBS re-enactment of the motorcade in Dealey Plaza


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The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

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