The Story Behind the Story


WFAA studios 41:54: Ruby look-alike. Seems to be the same as the one assumed to be Ruby in the police station on Friday night

Ruby, maybe


Ruby in police basement
Dallas Police Headquarters

MIdnight Press Conference
Midnight Press Conference

Ruby at press conference 1
Midnight Press Conference

Video showing an incredible Ruby look-alike: 

Ruby look-alike in WFAA studios  youtube icon


55:57: EDIT: This boy does not have a camera as previously thought. He is carrying his mom’s purse.


Back in the WFAA studio

The studio sequence starts at 1:00:06.

Dealey Plaza

1:00:31: Witness Robert Edwards in white shirt tells WFAA reporter Bill Lord that he saw a man “up there” when asked by Lord asked, “You saw a man?”. Watch the clip below. Also seen in the film: Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig, D.S. Allan Sweet and D.A. Assistant Bill Alexander.



Interview with witness Bob Edwards  youtube icon

1:00:42 to 1:01:16: Larry Florer at the police station


1:01:16-1:02:35: WFAA reporter Bill Lord interviews Captain Sawyer in front of the TSBD


1:02:35 to 1:10:19: Mostly studio
1:04:32: Zapruder in studio

1:10:19 to 1:10:56: Motorcade, a few minutes before the shots. L’Hoste filming on Main, between Lamar and Griffin.

The Story Behind The Story-43

1:10:56 to 1:12:44: Dealey Plaza sequence, about 10 to 20 minutes after the shooting. The structure on which Zapruder was filming is seen. People walk in that direction.

The Story Behind The Story-55

1:11:01: Filmed from the top of the grassy knoll by A.J. L’Hoste, in the direction of Elm Street.

The Story Behind The Story-58-LHoste

1:11:02: Police bikes on Stemmons.

The Story Behind The Story-70-Stemmons Freeway

1:11:04: TSBD from a distance

The Story Behind The Story-82

1:11:07: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford going into TSBD through a window of the second floor.

The Story Behind The Story-85

1:11:13: Cop on a 3-wheeler with another one on the back.

The Story Behind The Story-98

1:11:16: Movements in front of the TSBD. CBS cameraman Steve Pieringer in the foreground?

The Story Behind The Story-112

1:11:20: Police activity

The Story Behind The Story-121-Looks like Craig in a Murray photo

1:11:28: Focus on cops with rifles

The Story Behind The Story-151

1:11:30: Movements in front of the TSBD

The Story Behind The Story-139

The Story Behind The Story-148

1:11:40: Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers or SS Agent Forrest Sorrels takes with him witnesses Brennan (hat), Brehm (center) and Euins (left)

The Story Behind The Story-169-Brehm, Brennan, Emos, maybe Craig

1:11:44: KRLD cameramen Underwood on the right with Steve Pieringer on his left

The Story Behind The Story-178

1:11:45: Movements in front of the TSBD

1:11:49: Close-up of the sniper’s window

The Story Behind The Story-187

1:11:54: The Rowland couple seen from the back, led by a cop. They witnessed the shooting from Houston Street.

The Story Behind The Story-190

1:11:56: Sheriff Decker filmed by L’Hoste. KRLD cameraman Sanderson on his left.

The Story Behind The Story-196-Decker and Sanderson

1:12:03: Focus on cops with rifles

The Story Behind The Story-216

1:12:06 to 1:12:18: Florer arrest. The man on his left is D.A. staff member H.H. Davis.

The Story Behind The Story-228

The Story Behind The Story-222-Reporter takes notes

The Story Behind The Story-243-Florer-Man in elavator, maybe

1:12:12: KRLD cameraman Steve Pieringer seen filming on the right.

Willis photo
Willis photo                        

1:12:18: Movements in front of TSBD

The Story Behind The Story-255

1:12:23: A motorcycle departs.

The Story Behind The Story-264

1:12:28 to 1:12:43: TSBD employees led by cops and put in a police car.

The Story Behind The Story-288

1:12:43 and 1:15:03: WFAA Studio


1:15:03 to 1:16:22: Outside of Parkland
1:16:22 and 1:17:16: Mostly WFAA studio.

Tippit murder 1:17:16 to 1:19:25

1:17:16: Police cars rushing to Tippit’s murder scene.

1:17:21: Camera pans to a building where the killer might hide.

The Story Behind The Story-318

1:17:31: Light-color jacket shown by a cop to the camera.

The Story Behind The Story-327

1:17:35: Witness Reynolds questioned by a police officer. Two witnesses (?) behind him

The Story Behind The Story-335

1:17:39: Brief footage of a house

The Story Behind The Story-336

1:17:45: Witness Reynolds again at 1:17:56

The Story Behind The Story-337

1:17:56: Crowd watching cops at the Tippit murder scene

The Story Behind The Story-348

1:18:02: Cops interrogate people gathered around a car

The Story Behind The Story-354

1:18:06: Fingerprints expert Barnes arrives on the scene

1:18:09: Witness Mrs. Markham

The Story Behind The Story-387

1:18:17: A cop is running in the direction of Tippit’s car
1:18:21: Tippit’s car examined by cops, and officer Barnes is leaving the scene

1:18:29: A wallet and a revolver

The Story Behind The Story-405

1:18:38 to 1:18:47: Officer Barnes looks through Tippit’s car window and searches for prints on the car

1:18:47: Film in the theater (Great copy)

The Story Behind The Story-426

1:18:57: Filming outside of the theater

The Story Behind The Story-435

1:19:01 to 1:19:10: Oswald in a police car, and it drives off. An officer is seen with a shotgun.

1:19:10 to 1:19:25: Outdoor shot of theater.

The Story Behind The Story-447

Back to Dealey Plaza

Alyea film (1:19:46 to 1:21:24)

1:19:33 to 1:19:46: WFAA studios. Introducing the Alyea film

1:19:46: Carl Day searches prints on rifle, positioned by the window for maximum light.

The Story Behind The Story-456

1:19:57: Stairway sign. Detective Richard Sims and Elmer Boyd making sure no one touches the rifle.

The Story Behind The Story-459-Sims and Boyd

1:20:03: Same man as in 1:20:50 on top of boxes. The man on the right with hat seems to be wearing a badge. All these men, excepted the civilian in white, can be seen together in several Allen photos in front of the TSBD.

The Story Behind The Story-462

1:20:07: Investigators behind boxes / DPD photographer’s camera seen on the top of boxes

1:20:12: Focus on a bag on the floor

The Story Behind The Story-480

1:20:17: Where the shooter sat. A box is leaning on the window, probably used by the shooter for a better shot

1:20:32: Stairway sign again

1:20:35: Several cops. One points to the ceiling. Two more civilians can be seen.

The Story Behind The Story-489

1:20:45: Focus on a flashlight

The Story Behind The Story-498

1:20:48: A police officer.

The Story Behind The Story-501

1:20:50: Investigator standing on a pile of boxes and seen stepping down. Same man as in 1:20:03.

The Story Behind The Story-504

1:20:56: Focus on a Maxwell House coffee container. It is also seen in a photo of a detective’s hands at the DPD offices.

The Story Behind The Story-510

1:20:58: Officer Studebaker checking out a bag containing chicken.

The Story Behind The Story-519

1:21:10: Officer Studebaker searching for prints on a soda bottle.

The Story Behind The Story-517

1:21:16-1:21:24: Deputy Chief Lumpkin is looking around.

The Story Behind The Story-522


The Story Behind The Story-525

WFAA studio: 1:21:24 to 1:21:34

Alyea film (1:21:34 to 1:21:50)

Alyea films the outside of the TSBD from inside. A man is talking to Captain Sawyer (hidden from sight). This scene could be the same as the one depicted in one of the Tramp photos taken by Jack Beers. The man in the Alyea is often mistaken for Oswald by people who little of the topic.

Beers photo VS Alyea film
Beers photo VS Alyea film

The Story Behind The Story-530

The Story Behind The Story-531
Right arrow pointing to Captain Sawyer

1:21:50: Above door, it reads “100 Customer Service Wholesale only”. The man is the foreground is probably the same man as seen at 1:21:46 and the tramp photo referred to above.

The Story Behind The Story-542

The Story Behind The Story-533

The Story Behind The Story-531

1:21:57: The two cops guarding the TSBD entrance seem to let someone go in the building

The Story Behind The Story-545


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

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