The Lost Tapes


13:35 to 13:45: Powers film (color)
13:45 to 14:13: DCA films of motorcade, pre-shooting scenes
14:13 to 14:17: Powers film
14:17 through 14:31 : Hughes film (Pepsi sign)
14:31: Nix film
14:36: Hughes film
14:49 to 14:54: Towner film
14:55: Bell film
15:02 to 15:09: Martin film
15:17 to 15:28: Nix film
15:28 to 15:37: Daniel film
15:49 to 15:56: Nix film
15:56 to 16:04: Bell film

16:04 to 16:13: Hughes film

16:07: Nix Orville filming the grassy knoll in the Hughes film

Hughes film
Hughes film

16:13 to 16:28: Couch film / Officer Baker running toward the TSBD

16:28 to 16:40: Hughes film
18:17 to 18:36: Interview with ambulance driver Aubrey Rike
24:44 to 25:09: Several B&W shots of the TSBD. Date or time unknown
25:09 to 25:19: WFAA interview with witness Bob Edwards in front of the TSBD (See The Story Behind the Story).
25:19: Officer Gerald Hill arrives in Dealey Plaza. Gets off car. Reporter Jim Ewell also gets off.

25:25 to 25:46: B&W footage in Dealey Plaza. KRLD cameraman Jim Underwood is seen

25:30: William Allen is seen in white shirt on the right


25:31: WFAA cameraman A.J. L’Hoste on the right


25:33: Fire truck

25:46: Alyea film: View of the street from the 6th floor

25:50: Boy with a camera (Cooper film). He is seen again at 25:53 below.

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:52: Soldier on the top-right

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:53: Possibly James Worrell in white, and a boy with a camera on the right

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:55: Craig with possibly deputy sheriffs down the screen

Cooper film
Cooper film

25:57: Fritz arrives in Dealey Plaza from Parkland with Detective Elmer Boyd. Both have rifles.


26:01 to 26:26: Alyea film 

26:01: Man on the top-right may be the same one in the Alyea film taken in the elevator


For comparison, another film seems to show the same man in the Owens/WBAP film

Man in elevator, maybe 3 STCA 54
Alyea or Owens film

26:03: Officer on the first or second floor. Possibly the same seen later in the Homicide Bureau office. (See 3 Shots that Changed America at 55:05)

TLT 31

26:07: Possibly Roger Craig searching on top of boxes

Alyea film
Alyea film

26:23: From left to right: Patrolman Marrion Baker, Roy Truly, and maybe O.V. Campbell

Alyea film
Alyea film

26:26: B&W films in Dealey Plaza

26:31: Car with something written on it. A man with a hat leaning on a car looks like a cab driver.

TLT 46
Cooper film

26:40: Fritz seen from the back walking in the direction of the TSBD

26:50: Cooper film: Women on the sidewalk asked by Officer Harkness, to move on

TLT 49
Cooper film

26:52: Virgie Rackley who is also seen in the image above, is also seen in the Wiegman film in front of the TSBD. In the Alyea film, she is interviewed by Dallas Morning News reporter Kent Biffle (See Breaking the News at 32:09)

26:57: TSBD employees escorted to a police car

27:14 to 27:17: Alyea film shows Brehm, Brennan and Euins escorted by the police. Could be A.J. L’Hoste on the bottom-right.

TLT 52

27:17 to 27:23: Alyea film shows Bob Edwards escorted by a jailer. This
scene corresponds to one of the Allen photos.

Alyea film
Alyea film

27:23 to 27:25: Witness Rowland and his wife are escorted by officers

TLT 61

27:25: Brehm, Brennan, Eddie Walthers or Dallas SS Chief Forrest Sorrels.

TLT 64, Craig maybe

TLT 64

TLT 67

27:29 to 27:42: Captain Sawyer interviewed by WFAA reporter Bill Lord in front of the TSBD
27:43: View of the TSBD
27:46: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford entering the TSBD through a window on the second floor
27:49 to 28:01: Alyea film
28:01 to 28:14: Captain Sawyer interview continues

28:14 to 28:44: Alyea film
28:14: Carl Day with rifle

28:47 to 28:58: Carl Day with rifle outside the TSBD. FBI agent Ray Hall on his right

Cooper film
Cooper film

29:31 to 29:45: Alyea film taken from the 6th floor of TSBD

29:45 to 29:50: Alyea film shows deputy sheriffs looking out the sniper’s window

34:21: Sequences in Dealey Plaza

TLT 73
Alyea/WFAA film

34:23: Man on the right may be the same who confronted Larry Florer (see 35:19)

TLT 76

34:28 to 34:39: Cooper film: 3-wheeler and Jim Underwood

34:30: Scene in the parking lot

TLT 79
Cooper film

34:35: Policemen in front of the TSBD

WFAA studios

34:40 to 35:07: Back in the WFAA studios
34:45: Report of a man arrested in Fort Worth (WBAP)

34:38 to 35:00: Donald Wayne House under arrest (WBAP)

35:07: Larry Florer under arrest. The man who is pointed at by Florer may be the same as the one at 34:23

TLT 82
Cooper film

TLT 85
Cooper film

35:23 to 35:26: People gathering on the West side of the TSBD
35:26 to 35:39: Larry Florer escorted by the police
35:39 to 38:00: Back in the WFAA studios: Tippit murder scene

38:00 to 39:54: Trade Mart

39:54 to 42:57: Oswald has been arrested.
41:19: Lovelady and Oswald in the DPD offices
42:30: Profile of Oswald is given by the press


42:57 to 46:55: Parkland

43:07 to 43:49: Interview with ambulance driver Aubrey Rike

46:18: Interview with Ms. Quincy Adams at Parkland holding a camera.

WFAA film

News reports

46:55: Speculations on President Johnson’s whereabouts. Scenes at Parkland and Dallas Airport
50:08 to 50:25: Back to the WFAA studios
50:25 to 51:00: Air Force One is leaving Dallas
51:00 to 52:04: Back to the WFAA studio with Zapruder
52:04 to 52:35: Downtown Dallas at around 4 PM. The mood in Dallas is described
52:35 to 52:47: Back in the WFAA studios.

52:47 to 53:39: Audio of conversations in Air Force One. Johnson talking to Rose Kennedy

52:39 to 53:52: Back to WFAA. Nothing of interest
53:52 to 55:15: News film showing Air Force One at Andrew Base

Police station

55:15 to 55:43: At the Dallas Police offices, Oswald is escorted through the corridor
55:43: Police station
56:06 to 56:36: Curry gives interview (“We placed the man in the window at the time of the shooting”)
56:36: Discussion on Oswald
56:43: Wade discusses Oswald
57:00 to 58:08: Back to WFAA. Oswald’s Friday night press conference

58:08 to 59:19: White House on November 23

59:19: Dallas, November 23. Back to WFAA
59:41: Unknown Asian reporter who is often seen with a camera and a microphone. He was in the police basement when Ruby was shot. His photos have never been published, it seems. 

Japanese newsman seen in front of Ruby later on 4

1:00:05: Brehm in Dealey Plaza on Nov 23
1:00:30: At the Dallas police station, Oswald is escorted.

1:01:00 to 1:01:24: Marguerite Oswald is escorted in the Dallas police H.Q.

1:01:24 to 1:02:52: In Washington

1:02:52 to 1:04:24: Curry interviewed in the DPD police station corridor
1:04:24 to 1:05:00: Evidence against Oswald: Backyard photos and Carcano mail-order coupon
1:05:00 to 1:05:30: In Washington
1:05:30: Parkland Hospital. Gov. Connally is told about JFK being hit and killed

1:05:58 to 1:07:15: Dealey Plaza in color on November 23

1:07:15 to 1:08:57: Dallas Police H.Q. on Saturday evening
1:07:15: H. Louis Nichols of the Dallas Bar Association talking
1:07:31: Lawyer John Abt’s photo is seen
1:07:40: Back to Nichols
1:07:51: Henry Wade is talking about conducting the trial against Oswald
1:08:13: Curry is asked about security and threats against Oswald
1:08:35: Oswald back in the corridor
1:08:37: Possibly Ruby seen in the corridor from the back

1:08:57: Washington, Sunday, November 24

1:09:34: Dallas, Sunday, November 24, 9:50 AM. Preparing for Oswald transfer

1:09:34: Crowd in Dealey Plaza waiting for the transfer
1:10:31: 11:07 AM. Police activities outside the jail
1:11:04: In the DPD station basement
1:11:16: Patrick Dean outside the jail
1:11:25: Back in the police basement
1:11:39 to 1:12:07: Outside the jail

1:12:07: Parkland Hospital, 11 AM. Ms. Connally gives a press conference. While she is speaking, the Towner film is shown
1:13:26: WFAA Bob Walker has 2 phones to his ears, and says, “We’re waiting for Oswald’s transfer”
1:13:30: Dallas City Hall basement, 11:20 AM
1:13:41: Oswald is led by Fritz and other officers
1:14:17: Ruby shoots Oswald
1:15:25: Activity in the booking room where Ruby was brought in after the shooting
1:15:43: Ruby is escorted by officers
1:15:49: Ruby is put in an elevator
1:16:01: Back in the basement where reporters are discussing. They’re getting out of the way to let the ambulance go by
1:16:12: Back in the booking room
1:16:17: Oswald on a stretcher
1:16:41: Armor truck outside. Ambulance coming out

1:16:58 to 1:18:44: White House, 11 AM

1:18:44 to 1:19:43: KRLD-TV: Dallas City Hall basement. Reporters after Oswald was evacuated

1:19:04: Bob Jackson with cigarette on the right

TLT 91

1:19:22: Patrick Dean interviewed by reporters


1:19:43: Parkland Hospital. Waiting for Oswald to arrive.
1:19:52: Ambulance is guided through
1:19:54: Oswald on stretcher
1:20:00: Scenes inside Parkland
1:20:04: Outside Parkland

1:20:10: Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington


1:21:15: Parkland Hospital: A doctor discusses Oswald’s case
1:22:01: WFAA reporter Walker announces that Oswald is dead
1:22:09: Short scene outside of Parkland

1:22:22: Washington

1:23:28 to 1:24:13: Back to WFAA studios.

1:23:40: A staff member tells Bob Walker that the man is Ruby of the Carousel Club. Walker puts his hand on the microphone and asks if this has been verified


1:24:13: WFAA-Radio discusses Ruby while he is seen in the basement. Film of the Carousel.
1:24:29: Chief Curry announces Oswald’s death
1:24:58: WFAA reporter Bill Lord interviews James Leavelle
1:25:24: Back to WFAA with Bob Walker. He mentions Bob Jackson’s photo of Oswald’s shooting
1:25:50: WFAA-Radio reporter seems to say that all the officers in the Dallas police building believe that Ruby killed Oswald to “close his lips”

1:26:10: KRLD reporter Underwood tells reporters that Ruby’s sister stated that Ruby had no relationship with Oswald

1:26:42 to 1:27:16: Washington
1:27:16 to 1:28:47: Tippit’s funerals
1:28:47 to 1:29:48: Oswald’s funerals
1:29:45 to end: President Johnson talks to Congress


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America


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