The Lost Bullet


5:15 to 5:22: Witness Amos Euins’ perspective from the corner of Elm and Street




7:38 to 11:15: Zapruder film analysis

Zapruder film
Zapruder film

13:10 to 15:27: Bell film analysis

TLB 29
Bell film

Bell film
Bell film

13:22: The Babushka Lady running up the stairs

Bell film

13:26: Probably the Dark Complexion Man, the Umbrella Man’s companion, on the North side of Elm, on the left.

Bell film
Bell film

13:28 to 13:45: Nix film

13:31: The Rowland couple

Nix film
Nix film

13:33: The “Classic gunman”

Nix film
Nix film

Nix film
Nix film

13:56 to 13:58: Bell film: Babushka Lady running up the stairs

Bell film
Bell film

15:36 to 17:16: Witness Euins. A few shots of his appearance in the 1967 CBS News Special are shown.

TLB 22 TLB 23 TLB 24 TLB 25

15:52: Euins demonstrates how he ducked after the shots

TLB 24

16:01: Hiding after a shot

TLB 23

16:02: Getting back up

TLB 25

16:16 to 16:34: Euins in a B&W interview (1963?)

TLB 26

16:35 to 16:40: On the South-East side of the TSBD. Police Officer D.V. Harkness with Euins (Cooper film).

Cooper film
Cooper film

17:36 to 19:32: Bell film, Nix film and Hughes films receive cutting-edge photo treatment

Bell film (Starts at 18:37)

18:37 to 18:48: Bell film. Excellent quality. Shows Houston Street

TLB 29
Bell film

Bell film
Bell film

18:53: The Babushka Lady on the South side of Elm Street.

TLB 43

TLB 40

19:05: Extreme blow-up of the whole fence area as Bell’s camera is panning from West to East

Nix film (Starts at 19:33)

20:11 to 20:13: News film of people in front of the TSBD. Unknown date. B&W.
20:13 to 20:34: Couch film for a few seconds / Few seconds of several films
20:34: Warren Commission members and investigators in Dealey Plaza

20:41: Secret Service agent John Howlett returns to the 6th floor for the first time in 50 years

21:13 to 21:15: Rare WBAP/Owens film taken on the 6th floor.

Carl Day and photographer Studebaker

Owens/WBAP film
Owens/WBAP film

21:21 to 21:23: Owens film: Men going up in elevator. Possibly cameraman Jack Beers in the middle.

Owens/WBAP film
Owen/WBAP film

21:36: Cooper film showing Carl Day with rifle about to get into a car

 TLB 55

Hughes film (30:37 to 31:34)

30:07: On Main Street (Pepsi sign).
30:27: Houston and Elm

30:40: Excellent blow-ups of the sniper’s window

TLB 58 TLB 61 TLB 64 TLB 67

31:11: Max Holland says he sees the figure of Oswald taking position for the shooting.

31:32: Lovelady in the TSBD entrance / Ms Glover in blue standing on structure

Hughes film
Hughes film

31:34 to 31:38: Crowd movement / Orville Nix is seen filming

Hughes film
Hughes film

31:46: People running away from the scene

31:57: Extreme blow-up of the sniper’s nest window

Hughes film
Hughes film

32:04: Back to Euins and Max Holland

TLB 79

32:32: News film shows where Euins was standing

32:33: James Worrell look-alike in white / Boy with camera on the right

TLB 85

32:58: Witness Patricia Ann Donaldson. We see where she was standing

TLB 76

33:28: Alyea film: Witness Bob Edwards who saw a man in a window is led away by a jailer

TLB 97

TLB 91

33:37 to 33:50: Euins recalls the sequence of the shots for the 1967 CBS News Special and the documentary
34:44: Howlett demonstrates how Oswald could have done the shooting
35:11 to 36:14: A Marine tried to replicate what Oswald did

Dorman film 36:39 to 38:01

36:41: Hughes film: The window where Elsie Dorman took her film from

Hughes film
Hughes film

Reporter Pierce Allman is the second man from the left

Dorman film
Dorman film

Towner film: 41:38

42:57 to 43:06: Restored film

News report on the Towner film. Shows the best version I’ve seen  youtube icon


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