The Assassination Films


Robert Groden’s film collections

1:00 to 15:03: Zapruder film 

Nix film: 15:03 to 17:09

The Assassination Film-10-Nix film-Soldier, maybe

Soldier. Possibly the same seen in the Cooper film.

17:09 to 19:18: Muchmore film

A man pointing his umbrella. Possibly the Babushka Lady to his left. She is seen from the back.

The Assassination Film-55-Muchmore film-Umbrella Man 1-Arrow points to UM

17:42: Muchmore’s camera shakes and a car door opens… It’s the Vice-President’s car.

The Assassination Film-94-Muchmore film

Bell film 19:18 to 22:25

19:53: Milteer in crowd (in yellow).

The Assassination Film-130-Milteer 1-Bell film

19:55: Bell stops filming and re-positions himself on Elm Street
19:56: Resumes filming on Elm Street
19:56: Brennan sitting on the wall

20:00: Bell stops filming

20:01: Bell resumes filming. View of the overpass to all the way to the right of the structure on which Zapruder was sitting. Zapruder is seen leaving. Shows movement on both sides of Elm Street

20:12: Zapruder is walking away

20:23: Couch seen filming from car

20:26: The Babushka Lady, Jean Hill and Mary Moorman. Brehm and his son on the ground.

The Assassination Film-172-Bell film

20:29: Hill (red coat) and the Babushka Lady rushing to the top of grassy knoll

21:01: Film focuses on the TSBD from a building. Taken several minutes or hours after the shooting.

21:06 to 21:10: Railroad yard area
21:10 to 21:32: View of Houston and Elm from a building across the street
21:32 to 22:18: Replay in slow-motion of some parts of the film

Hughes film: 22:29 to 25:18

22:29 to 23:06: Pre-shooting sequence. Ends with view on the TSBD.
23:07 to 23:23: Crowd movement toward the grassy knoll

23:23 to 23:30: People running away from the scene and to the scene

23:30 to 23:36: Parking lot. Policeman with no hat on the left

The Assassination Film-279-Hughes film-Parking lot
Hughes film

23:36 to 23:43: TSBD from the grassy knoll. Then camera pans to the right. Old Court Building, and then to Elm Street.


The Assassination Film-288-Hughes film The Assassination Film-291-Hughes film

23:43 to 23:46: Back to the parking lot

The Assassination Film-300-Hughes film

23:47: Eastern corner of the TSBD. Films 6th floor.

23:50 to 24:02: TSBD entrance. Lovelady is seen on the steps.

The Assassination Film-306-Hughes film

24:44: Groden’s analysis of the 6th floor window

Towner film:   25:19 to 26:45 (Might be a longer version than the one on Death in Dealey Plaza at 17:33)

Dorman film:   26:45 to 29:14

Martin film:    29:14 to 29:44

29:14 to 29:27: Pre-shooting sequence showing crowd on Houston Street.
29:27 to 29:31: Just before the shots. Stops filming at 29:31.
29:31: Resumes filming. Crowd movements.

29:37: Bob Edwards in white shirt and possibly Ronald Fisher on his right.

The Assassination Film-336-Martin film-Edwards in white

     The Assassination Film-360-Martin film

The man in hat in the middle of the image may be the same as the one in the Dorman film

Mentesana film: 29:47 to 30:12

29:50: Fire truck and KRLD-TV car

30:00: Two officers on the 7th floor, outside, next to a ladder with access to the roof. Civilian or deputy sheriff on the left?

The Assassination Film-387-Mentesana

30:06: Amateur photographer Jay Skaggs on the left taking pictures. The man in suit in the middle may be FBI agent Ray Hall.

The Assassination Film-402-Mentesana-Skaggs on left

30:09: TSBD

Daniel film:    30:12 to 31:34. His two sons in the foreground.

The Assassination Film-417-Daniel film

The Assassination Film-429-Daniel film

Bronson film: from 31:34 to 33:58

31:43: 6 minutes before the shooting / Charles Brehm and son in the middle of the screen / Witness Toni Glover seen on Brehm’s right / A woman looking like The Babushka Lady is seen.

The Assassination Film-441-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-444-Bronson film

31:53: The motorcade approaches

31:57: Motorcade on Houston Street / Is the blue bus one of the Press buses?

The Assassination Film-453-Bronson film

32:02: On Houston Street
32:05: The assassination sequence on Elm Street.

32:08 to 32:15: Pre-shooting sequence. It is showing the sniper’s nest window.

The Assassination Film-465-Bronson film

32:15: Analysis of the film

The Assassination Film-468-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-477-Bronson film

The Assassination Film-480-Bronson film

Wiegman film (Very low-quality copy):  33:58 to 36:40

Couch film: 36:43 to 37:15 (Extremely poor copy):

36:43 to 37:15: Officer Baker rushes to the Depository

Alyea film: 37:18 to 38:29 (Very poor quality, but some parts are rarely published like the one from 37:28 to 37:32)

The Assassination Film-511-Alyea film

37:25: A deputy sheriff looking out a window

The Assassination Film-487-Alyea film

The Assassination Film-490-Alyea film

37:32: Several deputy sheriffs on top of a pile of boxes
37:36: Investigator tries to pull out something from between boxes
37:39: Two investigators on piles of boxes with flashlights
37:43: An investigator with something between his fingers.
37:45: Two investigators searching for clues on top of piles of boxes. One is stepping down
37:47: Investigators at the sniper’s window

37:52: A man runs his fingers on the windows

The Assassination Film-511-Alyea film

37:56: DPD photographer Studebaker takes pictures from the top of boxes, probably of where the rifle was
37:58: Carl Day removes a rifle between boxes. Several investigators are looking at the rifle.

38:07 to 38:21: Carl Day takes rifle and look at it. He shows it to Fritz.

DCA film: 38:29 to. A collection of films taken throughout the motorcade, ending with the Mentesana film

44:46 to 44:49: Sequence not shown in the previous Mentesana film. This one is taken from the South side of Elm Street. Shows the TSBD.
45:18: Roger Craig and Eddie Walthers in the parking lot
45:23: Amateur photographer Jay Skaggs on the left taking pictures

45:27: Man reading a notepad? Or camera?


45:29: Jim Underwood on the right
45:37: Witness Euins on the back of a police 3-wheeler
45:45: Lovelady
45:52: Charles Brehm
46:03: Zapruder look-alike
46:04: Crowd on the corner of Elm Street and Houston
46:12: CBS cameraman Steve Pieringer on the left
46:18: Camera has panned from Houston to the front of the TSBD
46:20: Phil Willis with his camera
46:26: Jim Underwood on the right / A man is seen in front of the TSBD in the Wiegman film
46:32: CBS cameraman Steve Perringer on the left
46:35: Photographer William Allen
46:37: Fire truck
46:53: Officers on the 7th floor. The one on the left seems to be in plainclothes.
46:59: Officers gathered on the street. A rifle is seen.

47:02: FBI agent Ray Hall / Jay Skaggs on the left is taking pictures.

47:14: The Last Two Days (documentary using Thomas Atkins’ footage)


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

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