JFK: Breaking the News


13:53 to 14:01: Towner film

14:12 to 14:39 : Couch film

Couch film
Couch/WFAA film

16:04 to 16:14: Hughes film shows crowd movement after the shots
16:24 to 16:28: Bell film: People on the overpass
16:28 to 16:37: Daniels film
16:50 to 16:54: Hughes film in the parking lot
18:54: Atkins film in Dealey Plaza.

Couch film

19:20 to 19:27: TSBD

19:27 to 19:31: Babushka Lady.

Breaking The News-34-Couch film-Babushka Lady

19:53 to 19:57: Couch film resumes: People going back on the sidewalk to avoid cars

Breaking The News-46-Couch film
Couch film

20:10 to 20:27: Nix film. Starts a few seconds before head shot / Crowd’s attention on the grassy knoll


24:01 to 24:37: Parkland
24:37 to 29:06: Nothing interesting

Dealey Plaza

29:06: Scenes in Dealey Plaza/ TSBD / Arrival of police officer Gerald Hill and reporter Jim Ewell getting off the car.

Breaking The News-58

29:16: Focus on cops with guns who are looking up the TSBD

Breaking The News-61

29:20: Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford going into TSBD through a window

Breaking The News-67-Weatherford-WFAA
L’Hoste/WFAA film

29:23: Detective with white hat and raincoat talking to Marvin Wise

KLRD film
KRLD film

29:25: Close-up of upper windows of the TSBD

Breaking The News-79

29:30: KRLD cameraman Steve Perringer with colleague Underwood on his right

Breaking The News-82-Sanderson and Pieringer

Alyea film

29:35: Policemen and two men  in the TSBD. The one behind is reporter Ken Biffle.

29:44-29:46: Alyea and cops in the elevator going up. The civilian on the left seems to be reporter Kent Biffle.

29:47 to 29:53: Reporter Ken Biffle comments on his activities on the 6th floor
29:53: Carl Day searches for prints on rifle.

29:55: Deputy Sheriff Bill Wiseman trying to pull out something stuck in between boxes.

Alyea/WFAA film
Alyea/WFAA film

29:57: Investigator on a pile of boxes with something between his fingers

29:59: 2 investigators with flashlights
30:05: 2 men watching Day with the rifle. The man on the right is Dallas Morning News reporter Kent Biffle.

30:09: Carl Day and Fritz examining a rifle

Tippit murder scene

30:15: Tippit murder scene
30:27: Cop running in the direction of Tippit’s car

30:32: Officer Barnes searches for prints on Tippit’s car

Breaking The News-144
WFAA film

30:39: Cops talking to witnesses around the car behind Tippit’s car/ Officer Barnes arrives

30:47 to 30:55: WFAA cameraman filming from inside a car.

30:55: Reporter Hugh Aynesworth comments on arriving to Tippit murder scene quickly
31:05 to 31:17: Police car passing by / Cops in front of a house where the killer might hide
31:17: Two men, probably investigators, running in backyard

31:19: Cop shows Oswald’s jacket
31:23: WFAA footage of the Texas Theater
31:31: Crowd outside the theater awaiting for suspect to be taken out of the theater
31:35: Could it be Ruby seen from the back on the right?

Breaking The News-188-Ruby

31:35 to 31:46: Inside the theater. Oswald is screaming.

WFAA film
WFAA film

31:44 to 31:54: Hugh Ayensworth commenting on how cops treated Oswald in the theater

31:54 to 32:00: Oswald in car hiding his face with his hands or it could be a piece of clothes.

32:00 to 32:09: Oswald brought into the DPD station by his captors.

Back to the TSBD

32:09 to 32:15: TSBD employee Virgie Rackley interviewed by reporter Kent Biffle in the TSBD on the 1st floor.

WFAA film
WFAA film

32:15 to 32:20: Carl Day at the police station with the rifle up his arms.


32:20 to 32:23 Parkland in color (Atkins)
33:03: Parkland in B&W

DPD station

34:27 to 34:35: Detectives, one of them Leavelle, are walking into the Homicide Bureau office
34:40 to 34:58: Marina and Marguerite with baby at the DPD station

38:04: Possibly Ruby seen from the back in the DPD offices.

Breaking The News-254-Ruby

The rest of the program is about Oswald at the DPD station and Ruby’s shooting


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

3 Shots that Changed America

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