Death in Dealey Plaza


Wiegman film

2:04 to 3:52: Wiegman film analysis

3:05 to 3:52: Wiegman film. Often cut off with scenes showing Wiegman explaining the film he took. It seems to be a complete version. Last images are of the Newmans on the ground

Witness Virgie Rackley in the Wiegman film. She is also seen in another film taken inside the TSBD

Death In Dealey Plaza-10-Wiegman film-Virgie Rackley
Wiegman film

Death In Dealey Plaza-19-Wiegman
Wiegman film


3:57 to 5:01: Parkland in color (Atkins film).

Nix film

5:06 to 5:13: Partial version. Head shot and aftermaths

George Jeffries color film taken on November 23.

5:14 to 5:20.

Death In Dealey Plaza-46-Hughes film

Hughes film

5:24 to 5:39: Partial version. Great image quality. Scenes after the shooting of the crowd on Elm Street.

Death In Dealey Plaza-64-Hughes film
Hughes film

5:24: Camera pans from left to right.

Death In Dealey Plaza-58-Hughes film
Hughes film

5:25: The big white structure on the South side of Elm and the Old Court Building can be seen.
5:29: Western corner of the TSBD, higher floors.
5:33: Front of the TSBD. Lovelady is seen.

Secret Service re-enactment film (B&W)

5:39 to 5:48: B&W footage of the TSBD taken from a vehicle driving away.

Hughes film

5:48 to 5:59: Partial version. Crowd is running towards the grassy knoll.

Each photographer’s position in Dealey Plaza

6:13 to 6:53: Video shows each photographer’s position in Dealey Plaza.

Hughes film

12:22 to 13:13: Hughes film analysis. Partial version.

12:30 to 12:53: Pre-shooting footage.

Death In Dealey Plaza-192-Hughes film

12:53 to 13:00: 6th floor window.

Death In Dealey Plaza-228-Hughes film 3X
Hughes film

Death In Dealey Plaza-225-Hughes film
Hughes film

Nix film

13:13: Nix film analysis.
13:43: Partial version.
13:45 to 13:48: Pre-shooting footage.
13:46: The Rowland couple on Houston.

14:12-14:19: Complete Dealey Plaza sequence.

Dorman film

14:40 to 16:38: Dorman film analysis. Possibly the complete version.
15:23 to 15:54: Dorman film

15:28: An unknown camerawoman seen on the sidewalk. Possibly Edwards and Fischer on the bottom-left

Unknown photographer in Dorman
Dorman film

15:36: The Towner family on the right. Tina in blue. Mom behind her.

Death In Dealey Plaza-256-Dorman film-Towner family
Dorman film

15:38: Betzner with his camera

Dorman film
Dorman film

15:39: A second unknown camerawoman (possible the woman seen with a camera in the DCA film below). Rosemary Willis, in red skirt is running behind her

Death In Dealey Plaza-268-Dorman film-Camerawoman
Dorman film   

DCA film
Possibly KRLD

Towner film

16:38 to 17:52: Towner film analysis

17:33 to 17:43: Possible a complete version. It could be shorter than the version in the “The Assassination Films”

Death In Dealey Plaza-303-Towner film-Not sure if from that DVD
Towner film

Willis photo

17:52 to 19:06: Willis photo analysis

Muchmore film

19:06: Muchmore film
19:15 to 19:31: Pre-shooting sequence

19:29: Phil Willis  in these 2 frames of the Muchmore film.

Death In Dealey Plaza-346-Muchmore film

Death In Dealey Plaza-361-Muchmore film-Cameraman

19:31 to 19:38: Muchmore stopped filming, and re-positions herself
19:38 to 19:46: The film resumes after Muchmore has changed location

19:48 to 20:20: The Babushka Lady in the Muchmore film, discussion.

Death In Dealey Plaza-373-Muchmore film
Muchmore film

Moorman photo

20:20 to 22:26: Moorman photo

Bronson film

22:48 to 22:50: Very brief excerpt. Shows head shot.

Death In Dealey Plaza-394-Bronson film
Bronson film

Nix film

22:52 to 23:13: Seems to be complete excepted for the pre-shooting sequence
23:05: Crowd movements after shooting

The Babushka Lady. The red arrows points to her.

Death In Dealey Plaza-418-Nix film - Babushka Lady
Nix film

Hughes film

23:13 to 23:16: People running away of the scene and to the scene
23:16 to 23:21: People running away from the grassy knoll

WFAA/ L’Hoste film

23:21 to 23:25: Films the crowd from the top of the grassy knoll

WFAA film / L’Hoste

23:25 to 23:28: Footage of the TSBD

Moorman photo

24:00 to 28:41: Moorman photo analysis

Nix film

29:05 to 32:08: Nix film analysis

Nix’ position

Death In Dealey Plaza-468-Nix position

32:08: Zapruder seen filming in the Nix film

Death In Dealey Plaza-469
Nix film

Jim Towner photo

35:27 to 35:35: Gary Mack explains the context of the photo using the Z-film.

Willis photo

32:42: Gary Mack explains the context of the Willis photo using the Zapruder film

Death In Dealey Plaza-470-Zap in Willis-Image seen at the back of structure
Willis photo

36:18: Great view of the Babushka Lady’s blue dress in the Zapruder film.

Death In Dealey Plaza-489-Babushka Lady in Zap
Zapruder film


40:00: Showing all the film in a chronological order


Unsolved Mystery: JFK Conspiracy

The Case for Conspiracy

The Assassination Films

The Lost Tapes

The Lost Bullet

Death in Dealey Plaza

The Story Behind the Story

JFK: Breaking the News

3 Shots that Changed America

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